Encouraging Students to Brainstorm Solutions for Plastic Pollution in the Ocean

Since the beginning of the plastic era, starting circa 1950s, millions of tons of plastic debris has entered the world’s oceans. As society has continued to grow, so too has the production and consumption of plastic. Upon entering the ocean the polymers gradually breakdown and concentrate into five rotating currents, called gyres. In these gyres […]


How MSA’s Summer Camp Program Imparts A Love For Environmental Science

Mountain and Sea Adventures hosts the most educational, fun and adventurous summer programs for kids in California. From our amazing shipboard summer camp exploring the various coves of Catalian Island, to our marine science day camps in San Pedro and the Newport Back Bay. MSA offers something for everyone and is bound to be the […]


Outdoor Education Science Camp on Catalina Island

There is no better place than Emerald Bay for your outdoor education science camp on Catalina Island. Located on the far west end of the island, Emerald Bay may be the most remote camp on the island, but it’s facilities are among the most elite. With the most sophisticated salt water aquariums and touch tanks, […]


A Users Guide To The Best Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Spots on Catalina Island

Lovers Cove Just on the outskirts of Avalon (towards the east end) is Lovers Cover, a fun and very reliable snorkeling location. This is a perfect place for those who wish to come to Avalon to enjoy a vacation get away and looking for the best snorkeling spots to add to your trip. Lovers Cove […]


Why Bringing Your Students To Camp On Catalina Island Will Change Their Life

Bringing your students to camp on Catalina Island is bound to enrich their lives (not only academically, but personally, as well). Coming to camp on Catalina places each student outside of their comfort zone, where they have to try new things and explore untapped potential, talent and interests. Camp is a safe place where each […]


A Users Guide To The Best Hiking Trails on Catalina Island

Hiking on Catalina Island is an extraordinary experience, nowhere else can you access such an abundance wildlife and scenic beauty. Catalina is an exceptionally well-maintained nature preserve with some of the most awe-inspiring scenery in the world. With the fact that it is only an hour across the channel from the port of Los Angeles, […]


A One Of A Kind Marine Biology Science Camp on Catalina Island

Mountain and Sea Adventures marine biology camp on Catalina Island is a one-of-a-kind, once in a lifetime educational experience that inspires students to dream big, break their fears and change their world. This program brings together hands-on field biology activities with character building, team work and imparting a deep personal understanding, love and appreciation for […]


The Best Surfing Spots on Catalina

What is it that is so special about surfing on the backside of Santa Catalina Island? Is it how remote it is? The pristine and beautiful landscape of Catalina, with its unspoiled terrain and clean beaches? Is it the fact that the ocean swells which form waves break here first, before breaking into the smaller […]

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