Empowering World Changers! MSA’s Core Character Building Values

When teachers bring their students to science camp at Mountain and Sea Adventures, they are giving them the opportunity to explore sides of themselves they have never known about, to develop various altruistic character traits, and to build high self-esteem by overcoming fears and challenges. Break Your Fears! The central theme and core character trait […]


How To Prepare Your Students to Visit Science Camp

One of the most important things a good scientist does is observe. Observation is instrumental in making discoveries about the natural world. With careful and deliberate examination, a scientist can uncover the mysteries of how nature operates. Since children are excellent observers, science is innately interesting to them. As a teacher, you can provide your […]


How To Impart A Passion For Environmental Stewardship In Your Students

Environmental stewardship is taking responsibility for the environment to improve its quality when affected by the actions of people. The important concept is the sense of shared responsibility or put another way, to take care of one’s home. Relating it in this way makes it easier to understand because it appeals to a basic sense […]


The Facts About Human Impact On Coral Reefs

Anthropogenic Factors Causing Harm to Coral Reefs Coral reefs are known to be home to most of the world’s fish species, with these being known as hotspots of biodiversity. On top of that, both reef-living fish and most pelagic, open-ocean fish spawn in coral reefs, becoming the prime source of the fishing industry. Coral reefs […]


Inspiring Youth To Protect The Oceans

With all of the recent talk about protecting the oceans, there is increasingly more and more momentum to learn what we can do to help from our coastal and inland communities. People are rallying together to end practices that are devastating to the environment; despite all of the conservation laws that are on the books, […]


What Is El Nino Weather Pattern and Why Is It Important To You!?

The El Nino weather pattern is usually characterized by abnormal warming of the waters around the month of January. We see images of dried-up wells, cracked form grounds, as well as resulting periods of long drought. There is also a rise in temperature, which in turn creates a change in the weather conditions with sometimes […]


The Truth About Climate Change Impacts and Solutions

Climate change can be defined as a change in climate variables, especially temperature and rainfall that occur gradually over a long period of time between 50-100 years. The changes caused by human activity (anthropogenic) should be understood, especially those related to fossil fuel consumption and over-land. These changes caused by natural factors, like additional aerosols […]

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