6-Day Summer Camp (Wk 7) August 14-19 (DEPOSIT)


Floating Sea Camp (Kids and Teens)

Catalina Week 7:
August 14th to 19th, 2017
  • Live on board a 112′ marine research vessel!
  • Tour the best attractions of Catalina Island!
  • Snorkel, kayal, swim, hike, surf and more!


Kids and Teens (Individual Camps)

6-Day Camp (Week 7):
July 3d to 8th, 2017

Kids: 9-12   Teens:13-17

Experience adventure, friendship, team building,  character building, leadership, stewardship, and live like a true biologist aboard the premier Catalina Island Floating Sea Camp.

During their amazing week aboard our ship “Enhydra”, your children are immersed in marine biology  adventures including snorkeling, kayaking, hiking,  surfing, paddle boarding, and much more!


6-Day Camp: $975
Deposit: $200

(Deposit is paid today. Remainder is due at check-in)


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