Marine Science Field Trips in California

When considering a marine science field trip in California Mountain and Sea Adventures (MSA) offers both strong science and lots of fun! Come to Catalina Island, or stay onboard The Enhydra, and give your students the educational experience that will catapult them into a lifelong love for science.

Field Trip California

The purpose of a school field trip is to intrigue and inspire students through hands-on experiences that allow them to develop a personal understanding for the subject matter. There are many incredible destinations and options for school field trips in southern California; however, visiting the ocean is a unique opportunity that every Californian can easily enjoy.

When you bring your class on a science field trip to one of MSA’s programs you are giving them a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience the ocean environment and live like a true marine biologist. These are the experiences that spark a life long love for the fascinating world of natural sciences.

Marine Science Programs

MSA is a non-profit youth-based organization and has been running educational programs on Santa Catalina Island for over 20 years. The curriculum MSA offers is known to be the strongest science program on the island. Students learn to keep a field journal as they implement the scientific method to explore their natural surroundings. Every participant transforms into a field scientist during his or her camp and/or field trip experience.

MSA offers a life-changing program. Marine science is an exciting topic for youth, who are awestruck by the diversity of life belonging to the sea. When students attend one of MSA’s programs they have the chance to stay onboard a one hundred and eight foot long marine research vessel and conduct actual marine science experiments.

The ‘Enhydra’, A Floating Sea Lab

While exploring the wonders of marine science, students get to enjoy adventure activities such as snorkeling, kayaking and even scuba diving. Our expert trained naturalist staff are passionate about imparting a love for the ocean through personal hands on activities. We have found that when youth experience the various marine ecosystems for themselves, they develop a life long love and appreciation that will empower them to protect and conserve these most fragile and delicate ecosystems for future generations.

A large part of MSA’s curriculum focuses on teaching strong science, imparting altruistic character traits and increasing awareness to the marine environment. The impact of plastic pollution and possible solutions are discussed with the students, and ocean stewardship is a recurring theme throughout their experience.

An educational adventure with MSA, whether a five-day sea camp to Catalina Island, or a one day field trip onboard the Enhydra, is a memorable event for all that attend – and is often the experience that triggers students into choosing to pursue higher education.

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Why Catalina Island Marine Science Camps Change So Many Kids Lives

The program that Mountain and Sea Adventures (MSA) offers to teachers and students in the southern California area inspires students to pursue higher education, teaches environmental awareness and improves the self-image of each participant, as well as the overall morale of every group that attends.

Catalina Island

Coming to science camp on Catalina Island is an experience that children remember for the rest of their lives. Such an impactful event has the capacity to inspire greatness in each participant, many of who chose to pursue a career on marine biology or other scientific fields of study. When you bring your class to Catalina Island they have the chance to experience a day in the life of a marine biologist, while also enjoying many incredible activities such as snorkeling and kayaking.

Catalina Island is an incredibly valuable resource for educators in the Pacific South West; only 24 miles from Long Beach, the island offers a plethora of native and even endemic flora and fauna. Seeing the beauty of nature in it’s unspoiled state imparts a love and appreciation for the environment that cannot be learned through books and lectures. Imparting this passion for the environment to youth is incredibly important to empower them to protect and conserve these valuable natural resources into the future.

Marine Science Sea Camp

The moment each student steps off the boat and arrives at camp they are immersed in the world of marine biology and natural sciences. The first lecture they attend teaches them how to transform their three-ring binders into field journals for each activity they do with their designated camp counselor. From that point forward they study and play as marine biologists, developing their hypothesis and exploring their natural environment with acute awareness.

MSA offers educational and adventurous marine science camps to groups of all sizes in the southern California area. For more information call a representative at (310) 519-3172 ext 980. Programs range from shipboard sea camp to island sea camp, and even day programs in San Pedro.

Shipboard Program

MSA owns a beautiful 112′ foot leisurely marine research vessel that sleeps forty passengers, not including staff and crew. Each private stateroom has two bunks, a closet and a private shower, toilet and sink. The finishing feels like a floating hotel. This is the perfect venue for smaller groups up to forty persons, who can stay onboard the ship or use it as transport to Catalina Island where they will stay at one of MSA’s camps.

The shipboard program is a favorite among teachers whom attend MSA’s programs as it allows them a complete venue all to themselves, this allows for greater bonding as a class or group, and can be a perfect option as an end of the year class trip. The program involves snorkeling at majestic dive locations around Catalina, kayaking, and participating in hands-on marine biology activities such as trawling for plankton.

Inspiring and Changing the Lives of Youth

MSA’s program is strong on science and imparting an awareness for protecting the marine environment, and there is also a strong character building component in each activity, as well. Students learn about courage, fearlessness, perseverance and stewardship as they undergo the activities. Certain program activities may challenge participants to step out of their comfort zone in order to experience something new, such as snorkeling in the Ocean, however, with the right guidance, these are opportunities for incredible personal growth where a child can prove to themselves that they are capable of achieving great things.

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MSA’s Awesome New Mountain Astronomy and Environmental Science Program In Southern California

Mountain and Sea Adventures (MSA) has been running mountain camp programs since 2000, and excels at teaching natural sciences to students in a fun and engaging way. Students learn wildlife management, physics, astronomy, orienteering and wilderness survival. The mountain camp program that MSA offers combines strong science with character building and environmental awareness.

Outdoor Education

The chance to go to camp and experience an outdoor education program is the highlight of the school year for many students, who remember their camp trip for many years to come. Outdoor education opens kids up to the incredible wonders of nature, while giving them the scientific tools and understandings necessary to further their exploration of natural sciences.

Mountain camp offers students the unique opportunity to step out of their classrooms and into the beauty of nature, where they can experience first hand the topics they have been discussing throughout their school year. This gives teachers an incredible chance to display the scientific principles discussed in previous lectures in the real world.

Adventure Activities

Coming to camp is always an adventure; just leaving the comfort of their home environment opens students up to the possibility of learning new things and challenging themselves. During their camp program students learn to overcome their fears and inhibitions on the climbing wall and zip line. These activities gently push each participant to the boundary of their comfort zones, structuring the safe opportunity for them to overcome their own self-imposed limitations and prove to themselves that they are capable of greatness.

Every class has an outdoor activity that goes along with it to demonstrate the principles discussed during the lecture. Students go for hikes, play interactive games, build shelters, visit the observatory, learn orienteering and how to use a field journal to conduct actual field science experiements.

Field Science Activities

Strong science is what MSA is most well known for. This is an aspect of the program that brings teachers back to our programs year after year with their students to develop a personal love and appreciation for the awe-inspiring world of natural sciences. The first class your students participate in teaches them how to make entries into their field journals to record data for developing their own hypothesis.

Each class uses the field journal as an integral part of each student’s educational toolkit. Before long they are enjoying implementing the scientific process to engage in a more meaningful way with the environment that surrounds them. This is where future scientists are born!

Coming to MSA’s mountain camp is an incredible opportunity for each person who attends. Discover the wonders of nature along side your students and classmates, increase awareness for the environment and impart a personal love and appreciation for environmental stewardship, and build altruistic character traits that build high self esteem and improve class morale! To learn how to bring your class to MSA mountain camp call (310) 519-3172 ext 980

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