Mountain Science Adventures (MSA) is very honored to invite you to our life changing outdoor education program for youth just ten minutes outside Lake Arrowhead in the Los Angeles National Forest! Enjoy comfortable cabin accommodations, gourmet freshly prepared food and a gorgeous campus set in the unspoiled beauty of nature.

Bring your class for a few days or an entire week and expose them to the incredible world of natural sciences. MSA’s program is strong on science and teaches each participant how to think like a scientist, how to use a field journal and how to utilize the scientific method to explore your own research projects.


Far away from the city lights, your students get the rare chance to utilize our high powered telescopes to see the rings of Saturn, the spectacular beauty of nebulae, and other highlights in the night sky. Our naturalist staff are passionate about teaching youth about how incredibly vast and expansive the universe truly is. Each participant leaves with a greater appreciation for the science of astronomy.


Your students learn just how fun physics can really be by learning how to calculate their own velocity during the zip line activity! The MSA instructors help your students see how physics is at play all around us, all the time. It is activities like these that really brings science to life and empowers youth to see the natural world around them through the eyes of a field scientist.


Your students learn how to use a map, compass and topographical map to complete a challenge course, in which they must word together to use their map and compass to locate certain points in a playing field. This activity not only teaches important survival concepts, but also demonstrates the importance of working together as a team!


Staying in the forest at MSA’s mountain camp gives students the precious opportunity to expand their horizons, imagine a future for themselves and develop character traits by trying new things and breaking their fears and inhibitions. Being in the forest gives them the chance to learn about wilderness survival. Each students joins a team of their fellow classmates and competes to build a shelter using the concepts shared during a lecture.

Each lecture is only ten to fifteen minutes long to allow for maximum exposure to the hands on outdoor activities of the program. It is during these experiences that students develop an interest, and even a love for natural sciences.