5 Fun And Incredible Facts About Dolphins!

Dolphins are among natures most beautiful and intelligent animals. Humans have always seemed to have a kindred connection with dolphins, and they also seem to take a keen interest in us, as well.

Here are five fun and incredible facts about our playful cetacean friends!

#1) Culture and Social Structure

Dolphins are extremely smart animals that also display social structure and culture, something that was long believed to be unique only to human beings. Pods are matriarchal, with the eldest grandmother being the head of the pod.

Dolphin pods can be told apart from each other by learning to detect small nuances in their clicks and whistles, which is a part of their communication patterns. These nuances are similar to accents in human beings, and display that dolphins have a similar aspect to their own ‘language’.

#2) Dolphins Use Tools for Hunting!

Dolphins have been seen teaching their young how to use tools, such as sponges, which they cover their sensitive snouts with to protect them while foraging for food.

#3) A Dolphin Language!

Dolphins have developed many highly evolved forms of communication. They use what is known as a “signature whistle” that allows each individual to recognize each other.

#4) Dolphins are Compassionate and Altruistic Animals!

Dolphins have been known to help and rescue injured humans in their greatest hour of distress. They have also been known to help other injured and weak dolphins to the surface to breath. Their compassion is not limited only to other dolphins. There are many examples of times when dolphins have helped humans and even whales.

#5) Dolphins Love To Play And Goof Off!

Dolphins have always been known to be extremely fun-loving, playful and even curious animals. They often times play-fight with each other and also play games with seaweed. Dolphins even love to play with other animals such as dogs.

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