Mountain and Sea Adventures

Mountain and Sea Adventures (MSA) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and has been running programs on Santa Catalina Island for twenty years. We excel in providing the highest quality outdoor education experience on the island.

MSA’s program focuses on conducting actual field research: Students are taught to utilize the scientific method using their field journal to record data, notice patterns, develop hypotheses, and eventually apply their theories.

Snorkeling, hiking, and kayaking are accompanied by short lectures to prepare the students for what they will see during their activity; thus enriching their experience and demonstrating how much fun it truly is to learn!

Vision Statement

MSA will take thousands of youth around the nation and make them into World Changers. They will be environmentally responsive individuals with strong character geared up to positively transform society. MSA Staff will be mentored by professionals in various fields which will guide them in their gift skill mixture. This will enable them to climb their career mountain and become the best in their sphere.

Mission Statement

MSA Teaches outdoor education in a manner that increases awareness of the environment, raises the spirit of participants, and builds character.

Since 1997 over 100,000 students have attended MSA programs.  Between five and six thousand students attend our programs each year!

MSA’s program is heavy on character building and imparting courage, self confidence, as well as a deep personal appreciation and love for the marine environment through hands-on personal experience.