An Action Plan For Bringing Sea Otters Back To Southern California

Sea otters are not only cute and incredibly adorable, being the smallest member of the marine mammal family, but they are also incredibly important for maintaining the health of many of California’s marine ecosystems.  Since the sea otter has been absent from the California coast, we have seen an 80% decline in kelp forests, the main source of bio diversity for most of the coastal species of fish, invertebrates, seals, sea lions and other marine life.

Sea otters are recovering much more slow in California than other areas they have been re introduced, this is due to high fatality rates arising from living in highly toxic and contaminated waters. In order for California’s sea otters, as well as the kelp forests, to make a comeback water qualities must continue to improve.

Here are some ways you can help live more marine environmentally conscious and friendly:

  • Switch to using only organic, nontoxic and environmentally safe detergents, solvents and other house hold liquids. Its not only better for the planet, but better for your health as well.
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle when ever possible.
  • Keep a compost pile.
  • Reduce the amount of plastic you purchase.
  • Properly dispose of any hazardous waste, such as motor oil, etc.
  • Use organic fertilizers, or none at all if you can.
  • Plant a garden, the roots absorb water and reduce run off.
  • Never dump anything into storm drains.
  • Conserve water as much as possible.
  • Pick up after your pets and never flush pet waste.
  • Keep your car well serviced to prevent oil leaks.
  • Donate to the California Sea Otter Fund.
  • Stay informed about ocean issues, and share your knowledge with others!

Although nobody can do everything, we can each do our part. Every little effort helps, and together we can create a world in which we can all live in peacefully and happily.

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