Our New Mountain Astronomy Physics Science Camp At Lake Arrowhead!

Winter 2019 Special: Teachers Go Free If You Sign Up By March 1st!

Come experience the mysteries of the universe and discover an appreciation for natural science at our mountain camp located at Camp Pollock, just ten minutes outside Lake Arrowhead.

Your students will enjoy seeing a plethora of wildlife, stargazing at our on-site observatory, hiking on endless trails, and learning about various survival skills such as using a compass and a map. Your students learn the survival and navigational skill of reading a map and a compass.

Environment Science concepts and programs are modeled and taught at our MAPS camp which will challenge your students to become Earth stewards and World Changers!

Give your students the opportunity to learn astronomy and physics with real field science activities all while having a great time out of the classroom!

Highlight #1

Discover The Wonders Of Astronomy

Our high powered telescopes give your students the rare opportunity to see with their own eyes the wonders of the universe. Far away from the city lights, Camp Pollock provided the ideal location for gazing at star constellations, planets and nebulae.

Highlight #2

Participate In Actual Field Science

Your students learn to keep a field journal and implement the scientific method to conduct their own hands-on field science projects. There is no more powerful way to impart a love and appreciation for natural science than having the opportunity to participate in actual hands on field science activities.

Highlight #3

Ropes And Challenge Courses

Our campers leave more self assured and with higher self-esteem. That is because our program emphasizes building character in youth through controlled activities that structure the opportunity for your students to break their fears, dream big and never give up!

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