Catalina Island Summer Camp – The Adventure Of A Lifetime!

There is no better opportunity to enjoy your summer holiday and experience all that Catalina Island has to offer than with MSA’s shipboard summer camp. From cliff-jumping, snorkeling at world famous dive spots, kayaking, paddleboarding, surfing, hands-on marine science research and so much more – a week aboard the Wilderness Explorer will impart high self-esteem, inspire your child to discover their limitless potential and give them memories that will uplift them and enrich their lives.

Cliff jumping and jumping off the top deck

11796213_879615565448805_8894998449144628037_nOne of our campers all time favorite things to do is to go up to the top deck and jump in the water, falling about 20 feet through the air and splashing into the water below. This is a real Adrenalin rush, but is completely safe. With lifeguards on the top deck next to where they are jumping, and lifeguards in the water – the kids know they are well protected. This activity gives our campers an awesome opportunity to face their fears and step out of their comfort zones.

Once the campers have gotten comfortable leaping off the top deck of the ship, they get a chance to cliff jump at Little Harbor, this is a little higher (about 30 feet) and seems more of a challenge. Again, we have multiple lifeguards at the top and bottom of the jump to be sure the kids feel safe. This is always a favorite activity for the campers, and leaves them feeling like they have broken their fears and inhibitions.

Playing in the water

10525604_689572731119757_1770868237653312505_nThe Wilderness Explorer has many different floating water toys for campers to play in the water with. We have a large floating raft that the kids can relax on and play with each other on, as well as many tubes for floating, drifting and sunbathing.

We go from cove to cove exploring sea caves, famous dive locations, beautiful sandy beaches and other island attractions allowing the campers to enjoy a wide variety of water based activities.

Kayaking and snorkeling

11825636_879191185491243_1441487347692205831_nWe can see all that the island has to offer with small zodiac skiffs, kayaks and paddleboards. Whether if the kids want to go for an intense half day kayaking safari, play on the skiff, or just paddle around on the kayaks and paddleboards – they can enjoy island life at their own leisure.

Catalina Island is home to some of the best snorkeling locations in the world. From Italian Gardens to Emerald Bay, these are highly sought after places mentioned in international travel magazines due to their wide diversity of marine life. Campers get the chance to see Garibaldi, kelp bass, sheepshead, leopard sharks, bat rays, seals and sea lions, dolphins and often times even whales.

On rare occasion even sea turtles, Rizzo’s dolphins and orca have been spotted off the coast of the island.

Meeting friends for life

When you have this much fun together, the friends you meet during Catalina Island summer camp often become friends for life. Not only are the experiences made during camp treasured memories, but the kids come together as a strong family-like unit to encourage each other to step outside of their comfort zones, dream big and break their fears. There is really nothing like such an adventurous and fun summer camp to empower your child to discover their hidden potential, build high self-esteem, and develop the courage to reach for the stars.

Hands on environmental science

11825199_879448028798892_7912767966385714897_nMany of our attendees discover a deep personal love for the marine environment and the world of natural science after their week aboard a marine research vessel. We do plankton trawls and water sampling, allowing students to look under microscopes and see what the difference is for zooplankton and phytoplankton with their own eyes. This is an extremely valuable opportunity to discover how much fun learning really is, and often ignites a passion for science.

This makes the world of science real living breathing hands-on life, not just book based theory. This is where scientists are born! The kids who go to summer camp on Catalina Island return home with a profound new appreciation for environmental science, and often begin planning their majors and careers.

There is truly nothing like a week at ship aboard Catalina Island summer camp to impart courage, inspire your child to dream big, help them to see their own greatness and limitless potential, and encourage them to dream big and shoot for the stars!

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