Empowering World Changers! MSA’s Core Character Building Values

Campers encourage each other to overcome their inhibitions to the unfamiliar world of snorkeling!

Campers encourage each other to overcome their inhibitions to the unfamiliar world of snorkeling!

When teachers bring their students to science camp at Mountain and Sea Adventures, they are giving them the opportunity to explore sides of themselves they have never known about, to develop various altruistic character traits, and to build high self-esteem by overcoming fears and challenges.

Break Your Fears!

The central theme and core character trait that the MSA staff is constantly imparting to campers is to rise above your fears and inhibitions, and take a leap of courage. Campers are continually being reminded to discern between rational and irrational fears, and to not allow our fears to control our lives. Fear is natural, but rather than giving in to fear and allowing it to dictate our lives, the MSA staff models and guides youth to face their challenges and take command.

Perseverance – Never Give Up!

Perseverance is the second character trait we focus on during the campers time at camp. During this time, campers are given the opportunity to try many outdoor activities that they may be hesitant to try.

189208_155722647838104_582811_nActivities such as snorkeling, kayaking and going down the zip-line all take youth to the edge of their comfort zone, and beyond. Upon proving to themselves that they can achieve what they previously thought they couldn’t, they receive a boost of self confidence and their self esteem is strengthened.

Some of the activities are straining and present a challenge, during these times of challenge the students are encouraged by the MSA staff to persevere and focus on their objective.

Environmental Stewardship

From the moment students step off the ferry and arrive to camp at Emerald Bay, Catalina, they begin to experience the natural beauty of one of the largest ecological preserve islands in the world.

We encourage the students to become increasingly more and more aware of their surroundings, and to appreciate the precious resource that is the ocean environment.

MSA provides youth with first-hand experiences of the ocean. Experience is the key to developing the awareness for the marine environment that becomes a love and resolve for protecting and preserving this most vital of natural resources.

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