How MSA’s Summer Camp Program Changes Lives

Building Character

13567426_1312684095412668_5215966057688580732_nThe process of building character begins the very moment you agree to come to camp, determined to step outside of your comfort zones and being open to experiencing something totally new. This initial act of courage is the primer for propelling you into an environment where you are given the opportunity for self-development every moment throughout the day.

Can you remember the last time you were hesitant towards do something fun and exciting, for whatever reason? Maybe you were afraid, or maybe you were just averse towards the temporary inconvenience of being outside your comfort zone. Perhaps you can remember how great you felt once you pushed past that initial threshold of resistance, and were able to really enjoy yourself in your environment. Do you remember how self-assured and confident you felt afterwards? There’s nothing quite like proving to your self that you can do something you previously tried to talk your self out of!

This is an every day occurrence out at Mountain and Sea Adventures (MSA) environmental science camps, where we create the opportunity for youth to build character and develop altruistic and self-empowering personality traits during their time at camp.

Transforming Fear Into Courage

10325561_675128789230818_8066473375443033514_nMost of the time the fear we experience towards a certain activity is not logical at all, but highly emotional and erratic. The first character trait that is taught is courage, as it is what allows all the other virtues to be enacted. Courage means to be afraid, but to be willing to face your fears and not allow fear to dominate you. Just the simple act of facing your fears is a tremendous achievement and a necessary step towards living the amazing lives we have the potential of.

The MSA staff is specially trained to professionally handle the resistance and hesitation campers often have towards various activities, and to gently inspire them to face their fears and transcend their limitations.

Improving The Self Image Of Each Camper

An interesting thing happens at the end of every week at MSA science camp, the campers have a renewed sense of self and a belief in themselves that they were not aware of before. The bring this new healthy self image with them back into their homes, schools and communities; where they continue to make steady progress towards self actualization and inspiring others to live the lives of their dreams, as well.

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