How Summer Camp Builds Character And Improves Self Esteem

Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zones

13754241_1064422800301413_8910543785500335833_nLife begins where your comfort zones end, and coming to camp for seven days structures the opportunity for youth to break the mold of what they are used to and enjoy the chance to develop a side of themselves they may have never known even existed. When youth prove to themselves that they can achieve excellence in a new field, it reminds them of their own inner greatness and that they truly can achieve anything they put their minds toward.

By the end of the school year many times youth are feeling vexed and frustrated by how rigid life has become. The same daily schedule week after week can cause some kids to forget how exciting and spontaneous life can be. Fortunately, this is the time for summer camp!

Achieving Success In Trying New Things

It is human nature to get into a rut with your habitual mode of living, keeping to what you’re used to and clinging to what is familiar. Many times we see others do extraordinary things and falsely believe that they have something special, foreign and alien to ourselves. Just a single week at summer camp is all it takes to remind youth that they too are capable to greatness and achieving success in the pursuits.

When kids and teens come to camp with Mountain and Sea Adventures (MSA), they are immediately placed into a new exciting environment where they can try on a new way of being and interacting with the world around them. It usually takes just one day before they have cast off the cloak of resistance and are willing to try out new things and develop new skills.

Upon proving to themselves that they are not only able to perform in new arenas, but can excel and achieve greatness, their sense of self is revitalized and given great momentum, which they bring back to their lives and worlds back home.

Making And Building New Friendships

13729166_1063128577097502_4791515940079251212_nMany kids and teens enjoy coming back together every summer to meet up with friends they only see during the adventures of summer camp, as well as to meet new friends and develop the ability for interpersonal relationships. Living without their smart phones and tablets for a week may be painful at first, but soon allows each participant to enjoy themselves and each other infinitely more.

The opportunity to just be kids enjoying the great outdoors together reignites their passion for life, and reminds them that they are liked and loved by their peers.

During the activities at camp, students are put face to face against their own fears and inhibitions. It is something different for each child, but everyone faces their challenges at a certain point. One of the core themes at MSA camp is teamwork and uplifting encouragement. When youth receive such empowering support from their peers it motivates them to reach for the stars and dream big, reinforcing the fact that the people around them love, appreciate and deeply care for them.

Learning To Set Goals And Persevere

The MSA staff is constantly encouraging campers to ‘persevere’ and ‘never give up’! Counselors encourage each child to set attainable and realistic goals, and then chose a pace they can maintain, allowing them to achieve the results they are seeking. So often times we start off our endeavors with great enthusiasm and courage, but how often do we finish on the same high note? Learning to properly set goals and push them selves past any resistance along the way imparts a very valuable understanding. Rather than seeing obstacles as detrimental, campers are encouraged to see the hurdles and challenges they face along the journey as being instrumental in the personal success they have achieved for themselves.

Rising Above Self-Imposed Limitations, Inhibitions And Aversions

After stepping out of their comfort zones, receiving encouragement for their counselors and peers, and proving to themselves again and again that they are capable of greatness, participants at MSA’s summer camp programs receive a powerful boost of self-esteem and confidence. Their whole self-image is greatly improved.

Before they may have understood that they can achieve what ever they set their minds to, but the experiences they gain at camp prove to themselves once and for all this fact, which becomes a game-changing realization that allows them to transcend their previous self imposed limitations and live life to its fullest each and ever day!

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