How To Transcend Irrational Fears And Get Back To Living Life Grand!

Public Enemy No. 1: Your Comfort Zones

13631612_1062928540450839_6861299100847111435_nWhat is it that holds most people back from experiencing something new and exciting; from broadening their horizons and living the kind of life they know they are capable of? Most of the time it is our comfort zones, which are a self-imposed prison we create for ourselves. To experience new results, you will have to try to do things a different way, and that involves stepping out of your habitual tendencies and familiarities.

The need for comfort and familiarity is one of the most basic and deepest of human needs, and although there is nothing wrong with being comfortable this can be the number one thing holding you back from the kind of outrageous success you’ve only dreamt about, yet never the less, you know is entirely possible for your self.

The first step to getting your life back is to be okay with being uncomfortable every now and then, while you expose your self to a new way of being and interacting with your surroundings.

Identifying Rational Versus Irrational Fears

13700030_1064422733634753_7842604307157580518_nFear is a natural part of our circuitry and programming, it is there to keep us safe from death and great harm, however, most of the time the fear we encounter is completely irrational. There are various aversions and hesitations we have that prevent us from expressing ourselves uninhibited and authentically, which we may or may not be conscious of. The first step to over coming irrational fear is to become aware of it and admit to your self that it is, indeed, irrational.

These sorts of fears are usually derived from highly emotionally charged past experiences and the memories that we carry. When we take the courage to release the shackles of fear and aversion, and engage in the experience anyway, a funny thing often happens; we survive! We demonstrate to our subconscious mind that its not that bad after all, and the illusory bubble of fear is burst!

Being Gentle With Your Self And Cutting The Negative Self Talk

When it comes to facing your fears it is important to be very gentle with your self. Maybe you didn’t get it on your first try, but if you turned around and stopped running from fear for your first time it was a huge success! It is vitally important to identify negative self talk and nip it in the bud!

One powerful exercise is to ‘act as if’, and in this case, ‘think as if’. What that means is to think as if you were confident and courageous, what sorts of thoughts would you have? How would you encourage your self and speak to your self in a motivating manner? The subconscious mind does not differentiate between visualization and experience, so the feelings you will develop as a result of this practice become powerful, vivid and real – propelling you towards courageous action.

Taking The Courage To Face Your Fears Head On

Feel the fear and do it any way. It is okay to be afraid, in fact, brave people are not those who do not feel fear; they are people who can feel the fear and not allow it to determine what they are capable of. Courageous people set their own limits and really get to know themselves in relation to their own level of skill and ability. Only when you have liberated your self from fear can you go to the edge of your boundaries, and slowly expand your horizons and develop self-mastery.

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