The Most Adventurous Marine Biology Camps on Catalina Island!

Bring your class or group for a marine biology camp experience at one of our prestigious locations on Catalina Island! Just a short one-hour ferry ride across the Channel and you’re there, an ecological preserve perfect for giving your group the educational experience of a lifetime. Our one of a kind camp program imparts a deep personal understanding, love and appreciation for the Ocean environment through hands-on field science activities, interactive labs and total immersion in marine biology. Camp is a transformational experience that leaves a lasting impression on all whom attend!

Our Premiere Location: Emerald Bay

Camp Emerald Bay is among the top most desirable locations on Catalina Island, frequented by scuba groups, yachters and locals. With a picturesque landscape, and untouched natural terrain, Catalina Island is the ideal location for your marine biology camp experience.

Why Catalina Island?

With an abundance of native and endemic flora and fauna, breathtaking snorkeling, world-class salt water aquariums and touch tanks, and multiple outdoor classrooms set in the natural beauty of Catalina. Marine biology camp at Emerald Bay is a rare opportunity to experience all the best that the island has to offer.

When you bring your group to MSA’s program at Emerald Bay you are giving them the chance to engage in the ongoing field research that we are involved in. Each individual student learns how to implement the scientific method, how to keep a field journal, take organized field notes, and develop their own hypothesis. There is no better place to begin developing a life long passion for the wonderful world of natural science!

Two Harbors: Marine Biology Camp & Island Paradise!

The quaint and quiet island paradise village of Two Harbors is located on the west end of the island, it is the second largest settlement next to Avalon. Groups attending our program at this location can enjoy catering by a restaurant, a general store, nice sandy beaches and many valuable educational resources for learning marine biology. Camps on Catalina Island can sometimes be a bit rustic; however, Two Harbors offers best of both worlds with comfortable cabins, facilities and living conditions set in the beautiful untouched natural terrain of an island ecological preserve.

With a variety of island ecosystems, wildlife, mudflats, and multiple snorkeling and kayaking locations – Two Harbors is an ideal location for an educational and adventurous marine biology camp experience!

The natural beauty of Catalina Island is bound to leave a lasting impression in the hearts of your class or group, whom will leave with a deep personal passion for the marine environment.