Camp Emerald Bay: The Premier Sea Camp on Catalina Island.

If you ever have the chance to eaves drop on the conversations between the island’s locals you will discover that Emerald Bay is the most beautiful and desirable cove on the island, and MSA has the great privilege to share it as a premiere location with your students.

Enjoy kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, and one of the most interactive aquariums around. Housing consists of cabins and/or tents – so for groups big or small, we welcome you to Emerald Bay on Catalina Island!

An Outdoor Education Program in Southern California Unlike Any Other!

  • World-class salt water aquariums and touch tanks!
  • 4 marine ecosystems visible in a single snorkel!
  • Scenic outdoor classrooms set in the beauty of a nature preserve!
  • Learn to keep a field journal and utilize the scientific method to conduct actual field research!
  • Our program builds character in youth!
  • Easy and streamlined registration and pre camp experience!

Highlight #1

The Most Beautiful Cove On Catalina!

With multiple sandy beaches, several marine ecosystems, a wide canyon with a plethora of plant and wildlife, all surrounded by the untouched beauty of nature, Emerald Bay is a real treasure for nature enthusiasts.

Highlight #2

Saltwater Aquariums and Touch Tanks!

Emerald Bay is home to the most sophisticated and elaborate saltwater aquariums on Santa Catalina Island. This gives your students the opportunity to experience first hand the topics they just learned about during the lecture.

Highlight #3

Breathtaking Snorkeling Sessions!

Emerald Bay is among the top three most desired snorkeling locations in California. This activity gives your students the chance to experience another world of spectacular beauty beneath the surface of the ocean!

Our Marine Science Program

Snorkelers returning to shore after an educational experience they will always remember!

MSA is located at Emerald Bay, which is known to be the most beautiful cove on the island and is one of the top 10 snorkeling spots in the world. Crystal clear water hosts abundant sea life found nowhere else on the island.

Students visiting during their overnight field trip are guided through a hands-on educational experience as they explore the renowned Pennington Marine Science Center. Our plankton lab, fish aquariums, shark touch tanks, and invertebrate touch tanks are a few of the amenities that make this an unparalleled research and study center. Learn more about our program details.

Why A Class Field Trip to Catalina Island?

An MSA instructor teaches fish lab in the beauty of Emerald Bay’s waterfront.

With an abundance of native and endemic flora and fauna, breathtaking snorkeling, world-class salt water aquariums and touch tanks, and multiple outdoor classrooms set in the natural beauty of Catalina, MSA’s marine biology camp at Emerald Bay is a rare opportunity to experience all the best that the island has to offer.

We host groups and classes of all sizes. Come for a three day field trip, or stay for a whole week! When you bring your group to MSA’s program at Emerald Bay you are giving them the chance to engage in the ongoing field research that we are involved in. Each individual student learns how to implement the scientific method, how to keep a field journal, take organized field notes, and develop their own hypothesis. There is no better place to begin developing a life long passion for the wonderful world of natural science!

Benefits Of MSA’s Emerald Bay Program

  • Noted as one of the top ten places to dive in the world!
  • Fully functional saltwater aquariums and touch tanks at the Pennington Marine Science Center.
  • Multiple marine ecosystems visible in a single snorkeling session.
  • Located in a nature preserve with island fox, bison, deer, bald and golden eagles and an endless variety of migratory birds.
  • Comfortable cabins/tents, well maintained facilities and freshly prepared food.

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