Come Enjoy Your Marine Science Camp Experience At Two Harbors, Catalina Island!

If you are looking for the best marine science camps on Catalina Island, look no further! Our program at Two Harbors is a unique opportunity to experience the remote hidden beauty of the west end of the island, while enjoying the comforts and amenities of a small village.

The quaint island paradise of Two Harbors is located at the isthmus of Catalina Island, which is the most narrow point where the front and back sides nearly meet. The cove on the back side of Two Harbors is called Catalina Harbor, and is the largest mudflats ecosystem in the Channel Islands.

Two Harbors is the trail head for many various trails leading through the interior of the island, as well as other remote island coves. The unique geography of this area of Catalina Island offers visitors the opportunity to see a wide diversity of flora and fauna, as well as a variety of island ecosystems.

Two Harbors offers a unique combination of all the best that the island has to offer, with breathtaking trails and coves, together with the comforts and facilities of the town, we often recommend this option for smaller to medium sized groups who like the idea of camping, but with the conveniences of a general store, restaurant, lockers and mobile reception.

Why Bring Your Class To Two Harbors, Catalina Island, With MSA?

  • Exotic snorkeling locations.
  • Many conveniences such as general store, restaurant, lockers, etc.
  • Smaller/more intimate class sizes.
  • Experience hands-on marine science research activities.
  • Learn to keep a field journal and think like a scientist!
  • Enjoy learning natural sciences in a marine nature preserve.

Highlight #1

Incredible Biodiversity!

The isthmus of Catalina Island provides an excellent location for viewing golden and bald eagles, island fox, bison, deer, as well as many marine mammals such as dolphins, seals and sea lions.

Highlight #2

Amazing Snorkeling Destinations!

Enjoy having some of the most coveted diving locations all to yourself. Not only is Two Harbors rich in sea life, but it is a very well protected cove making it the ideal place for beginner snorkelers!

Highlight #3

Hands-On Marine Biology!

There is no better way to impart a lifelong passion for natural science than through hands-on learning. Students who come to MSA camp get to participate in our on-going field research and live a day in the life of a field biologist!

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