The Most Educational and Adventurous Mountain Camp Program In California

Mountain Science Adventures (MSA) is very honored to invite you to our life changing outdoor education program for youth just ten minutes outside Lake Arrowhead in the Los Angeles National Forest! Enjoy comfortable cabin accommodations, gourmet freshly prepared food and a gorgeous campus set in the unspoiled beauty of nature.

Bring your class for a few days or an entire week and expose them to the incredible world of natural sciences. MSA’s program is strong on science and teaches each participant how to think like a scientist, how to use a field journal and how to utilize the scientific method to explore your own research projects.


Far away from the city lights, your students get the rare chance to utilize our high powered telescopes to see the rings of Saturn, the spectacular beauty of nebulae, and other highlights in the night sky. Our naturalist staff are passionate about teaching youth about how incredibly vast and expansive the universe truly is. Each participant leaves with a greater appreciation for the science of astronomy.


Your students learn just how fun physics can really be by learning how to calculate their own velocity during the zip line activity! The MSA instructors help your students see how physics is at play all around us, all the time. It is activities like these that really brings science to life and empowers youth to see the natural world around them through the eyes of a field scientist.


Your students learn how to use a map, compass and topographical map to complete a challenge course, in which they must word together to use their map and compass to locate certain points in a playing field. This activity not only teaches important survival concepts, but also demonstrates the importance of working together as a team!


Staying in the forest at MSA’s mountain camp gives students the precious opportunity to expand their horizons, imagine a future for themselves and develop character traits by trying new things and breaking their fears and inhibitions. Being in the forest gives them the chance to learn about wilderness survival. Each students joins a team of their fellow classmates and competes to build a shelter using the concepts shared during a lecture.

Each lecture is only ten to fifteen minutes long to allow for maximum exposure to the hands on outdoor activities of the program. It is during these experiences that students develop an interest, and even a love for natural sciences.

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A Spectacular Youth Group Retreat Venue On Catalina Island

There is no better venue for your youth leadership retreats than Santa Catalina Island! Enjoy an entire cove all to yourselves with fresh and clean ocean water with an abundant of marine life. Being immersed in the unspoiled beauty of nature provides a unique opportunity to reconnect with your spiritual inner resources and learn to appreciate the wonderful natural world that surrounds us.

A Spectacular Youth Retreat Location

Mountain and Sea Adventures (MSA) is now offering a spectacular retreat location for youth groups on the mystical island paradise of Santa Catalina Island. MSA’s cove is the most beautiful venue on the island, with a long sandy beach and multiple breathtaking snorkeling locations. Enjoy kayaking, paddleboarding, hiking, volleyball, and many other fun and adventurous activities for youth.

What makes Catalina Island such an ideal youth retreat location is that it is surrounded by a nature preserve with a plethora of various marine and terrestrial ecosystems, which you can visit all within a single day.

Why Catalina Is The Perfect Place to Take Youth Groups

Santa Catalina Island is only two hours by boat from the port of Los Angeles, making it very easy to get to! MSA also provides transportation to and from the island with our Coast Guard certified marine research vessel, the Enhydra, which is a hundred and twelve foot long ship providing a very comfortable trip across the channel.

Catalina is the perfect place to take youth groups because it is remote, yet very accessible for groups of all sizes. MSA’s facilities can accommodate groups of all sizes, providing both lodging and catering so you can focus on running the program for your group. MSA also has a well-trained naturalist staff and provides an excellent marine science program for you, as well. Your entire experience can be customized to meet your specific needs.

The Importance of Youth Groups

Many people are realizing the importance of youth groups for imparting virtuous character traits to kids and teens in a society where often times both parents are occupied with the challenge of earning a living and working long hours to provide a stable home environment for their children. It is often no longer possible for one parent to remain at the home and assume a domestic role. Youth groups are important for providing a healthy social environment and mentorship program to teach youth how to make healthy decisions and utilize their time most productively.

All too often youth are being exposed to the wrong influences from popular culture, where healthy role models are scarce and the lack of parental supervision in the house no longer provides the safety neat for youth to remain focused on personal development and education, which is so important. Youth groups provide that structure and inspiration so that kids and teens can broaden their perspective and truly reach for the stars.

Youth Leadership Retreat Venues

It can be difficult to find the right youth leadership retreat venue in California, especially one that has so much to offer as a cove on Catalina Island all to your selves! This may sound cost prohibitive, but because MSA is able to provide both transportation and accommodations we are able to work within your budget to offer your participants the ideal experience that will enrich their personal lives and give them the time of their lives.

MSA offers multiple retreat venue options around the island, you can even chose to live aboard our marine research vessel, the Enhydra, for the duration of your youth leadership retreat program! The ship has 20 staterooms each with two beds and a private bathroom with shower. A large professional galley and dining area provides us the opportunity to cater to your unique dietary needs with delicious gourmet meals.


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Benefits Of Bringing Your Students To Sea Camp on Catalina Island

There is nothing like a class trip to Catalina Island to learn about marine biology and experience one of the most precious natural resources in California. The benefits of bringing your class to one of MSA’s programs are endless, but we thought we would take the time to highlight a few of the main one’s here…

Benefit No 1: Learning To Think Like A Scientist

Bringing your students to Catalina Island with Mountain and Sea Adventures (MSA) gives them a personal encounter with the marine environment in such a way that enriches their understanding of applying the scientific method for field research.

The first class your students attend is an introduction to setting up and keeping a field journal to record their data, observations and ideas. This field journal stays with them for each and every class as they go through the program, from fish lab to bird lab – they are utilizing their journals to think like a scientist and engage in their natural surroundings like a scientist.

By the end of the trip the field journal has become a valuable part of the trip and we have found that many students develop a close bond with it, empowering them to continue pursuing their newfound love and appreciation for natural sciences.

Benefit No 2: Improving Self Esteem And Confidence

There is no doubt that coming to youth camp on Catalina improves student’s self image and self-esteem. They are confronted with personal challenges and lead by the MSA staff to face their fears and persevere to make personal breakthrough. Nearly every student has some form of aversion or fear to one aspect of camp or another, facing these fears and achieving victory over them greatly improves confidence.

The MSA staff direct the students to cheer and encourage one another at all times and build each other up whenever possible. This empowers each participant to step outside of their comfort zone and make enormous strides towards overcoming their own personal challenges and proving to themselves what they are capable of when they believe in themselves.

In this way, a camp program like MSA builds up the morale and solidarity of your entire class, who have many unique opportunities to learn, play and explore the awe inspiring natural environment of Catalina Island together.

Benefit No 3: Developing A Personal Passion For Ocean Stewardship

MSA’s proximity to the Ocean gives you the perfect opportunity to expose your students to the incredible beauty of the marine environment. We offer your students several classes about Ocean stewardship, in which they first learn about the threats and challenges to the Ocean and then get the chance to brainstorm possible alternatives and solutions.

By giving your students a first-hand experience of the marine environment you are imparting a personal love and appreciation for the Ocean like no other means can. When they put on a wetsuit, mask and snorkel and put their faces under the surface of the water for their first time – they are immediately inducted into another world of mesmerizing natural beauty.

People protect what they love, and the best way to ensure that our future generations will have a passion for protecting the marine environment is to give them the personal experiences which nurture that love.

This is the mission of MSA: To teach outdoor education in a manner that increases awareness of the environment, raises the spirit of participants, and builds character. If you are interested in bringing your class to one of our programs, please contact a representative today at, (310) 519-3172 ext 980.

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A New Marine Biology Program For Youth in LA Harbor

The Ocean is one of Los Angeles County’s most precious and valuable resources. This is also one of the most threatened and vital ecosystems on our planet, bringing your class or group to a marine biology field trip imparts a personal passion and love for Ocean environmental stewardship.

Marine Biology Field Trips in California

Mountain and Sea Adventures (MSA) are now offering educational marine biology field trips in California. Located in the Port of Los Angeles, MSA is providing quality hands-on experiences for youth to explore the marine environment and develop a personal love and appreciation for the Ocean.

MSA offers a life-changing program combining outdoor education with adventure activities unlike any other in southern California. A marine biology field trip with the class is an exciting opportunity for each participant, who has the unique opportunity to develop new aspects of them self as they interact with a new environment.

Fun And Educational Shipboard Programs

The Enhydra is MSA’s hundred-and-twelve foot marine research vessel located in San Pedro, California. Field trips onboard the Enhydra are an excellent way to give your class or group an intimate encounter with the Ocean as we explore the Channel Island, Santa Catalina or a day trip program around coastal southern California.

Students participate in a variety of marine biology activities such as plankton trawls, and microscopes lab, water analysis, snorkeling at exotic locations around Catalina, and bird lab explorations of the coastline via kayaks.

Accommodations onboard are comfortable and leisurely. There are 19 private staterooms each with two beds, restroom with shower, sink and toilet, as well as a dresser and under bed storage.

The Enhydra also has a professional full-size galley allowing our chefs to prepare gourmet freshly prepared meals made from scratch.

You and your participants may find the ship so comfortable that you never want to leave!

Day And Overnight Dockside Programs

MSA has also started offering day programs and overnight dockside programs where the ship stays at pot for the entire duration of the program. This allows for those schools and youth groups on a tighter budget to still have an incredible experience onboard a marine research vessel as we engage in the marine environment through hands-on activities.

Want to learn more about our one-of-a-kind science programs? Give us a call Monday through Friday, 9AM to 5PM at: (310) 519-3172 ext 980

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Marine Science Field Trips in California

When considering a marine science field trip in California Mountain and Sea Adventures (MSA) offers both strong science and lots of fun! Come to Catalina Island, or stay onboard The Enhydra, and give your students the educational experience that will catapult them into a lifelong love for science.

Field Trip California

The purpose of a school field trip is to intrigue and inspire students through hands-on experiences that allow them to develop a personal understanding for the subject matter. There are many incredible destinations and options for school field trips in southern California; however, visiting the ocean is a unique opportunity that every Californian can easily enjoy.

When you bring your class on a science field trip to one of MSA’s programs you are giving them a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience the ocean environment and live like a true marine biologist. These are the experiences that spark a life long love for the fascinating world of natural sciences.

Marine Science Programs

MSA is a non-profit youth-based organization and has been running educational programs on Santa Catalina Island for over 20 years. The curriculum MSA offers is known to be the strongest science program on the island. Students learn to keep a field journal as they implement the scientific method to explore their natural surroundings. Every participant transforms into a field scientist during his or her camp and/or field trip experience.

MSA offers a life-changing program. Marine science is an exciting topic for youth, who are awestruck by the diversity of life belonging to the sea. When students attend one of MSA’s programs they have the chance to stay onboard a one hundred and eight foot long marine research vessel and conduct actual marine science experiments.

The ‘Enhydra’, A Floating Sea Lab

While exploring the wonders of marine science, students get to enjoy adventure activities such as snorkeling, kayaking and even scuba diving. Our expert trained naturalist staff are passionate about imparting a love for the ocean through personal hands on activities. We have found that when youth experience the various marine ecosystems for themselves, they develop a life long love and appreciation that will empower them to protect and conserve these most fragile and delicate ecosystems for future generations.

A large part of MSA’s curriculum focuses on teaching strong science, imparting altruistic character traits and increasing awareness to the marine environment. The impact of plastic pollution and possible solutions are discussed with the students, and ocean stewardship is a recurring theme throughout their experience.

An educational adventure with MSA, whether a five-day sea camp to Catalina Island, or a one day field trip onboard the Enhydra, is a memorable event for all that attend – and is often the experience that triggers students into choosing to pursue higher education.

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Why Catalina Island Marine Science Camps Change So Many Kids Lives

The program that Mountain and Sea Adventures (MSA) offers to teachers and students in the southern California area inspires students to pursue higher education, teaches environmental awareness and improves the self-image of each participant, as well as the overall morale of every group that attends.

Catalina Island

Coming to science camp on Catalina Island is an experience that children remember for the rest of their lives. Such an impactful event has the capacity to inspire greatness in each participant, many of who chose to pursue a career on marine biology or other scientific fields of study. When you bring your class to Catalina Island they have the chance to experience a day in the life of a marine biologist, while also enjoying many incredible activities such as snorkeling and kayaking.

Catalina Island is an incredibly valuable resource for educators in the Pacific South West; only 24 miles from Long Beach, the island offers a plethora of native and even endemic flora and fauna. Seeing the beauty of nature in it’s unspoiled state imparts a love and appreciation for the environment that cannot be learned through books and lectures. Imparting this passion for the environment to youth is incredibly important to empower them to protect and conserve these valuable natural resources into the future.

Marine Science Sea Camp

The moment each student steps off the boat and arrives at camp they are immersed in the world of marine biology and natural sciences. The first lecture they attend teaches them how to transform their three-ring binders into field journals for each activity they do with their designated camp counselor. From that point forward they study and play as marine biologists, developing their hypothesis and exploring their natural environment with acute awareness.

MSA offers educational and adventurous marine science camps to groups of all sizes in the southern California area. For more information call a representative at (310) 519-3172 ext 980. Programs range from shipboard sea camp to island sea camp, and even day programs in San Pedro.

Shipboard Program

MSA owns a beautiful 112′ foot leisurely marine research vessel that sleeps forty passengers, not including staff and crew. Each private stateroom has two bunks, a closet and a private shower, toilet and sink. The finishing feels like a floating hotel. This is the perfect venue for smaller groups up to forty persons, who can stay onboard the ship or use it as transport to Catalina Island where they will stay at one of MSA’s camps.

The shipboard program is a favorite among teachers whom attend MSA’s programs as it allows them a complete venue all to themselves, this allows for greater bonding as a class or group, and can be a perfect option as an end of the year class trip. The program involves snorkeling at majestic dive locations around Catalina, kayaking, and participating in hands-on marine biology activities such as trawling for plankton.

Inspiring and Changing the Lives of Youth

MSA’s program is strong on science and imparting an awareness for protecting the marine environment, and there is also a strong character building component in each activity, as well. Students learn about courage, fearlessness, perseverance and stewardship as they undergo the activities. Certain program activities may challenge participants to step out of their comfort zone in order to experience something new, such as snorkeling in the Ocean, however, with the right guidance, these are opportunities for incredible personal growth where a child can prove to themselves that they are capable of achieving great things.

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MSA’s Awesome New Mountain Astronomy and Environmental Science Program In Southern California

Mountain and Sea Adventures (MSA) has been running mountain camp programs since 2000, and excels at teaching natural sciences to students in a fun and engaging way. Students learn wildlife management, physics, astronomy, orienteering and wilderness survival. The mountain camp program that MSA offers combines strong science with character building and environmental awareness.

Outdoor Education

The chance to go to camp and experience an outdoor education program is the highlight of the school year for many students, who remember their camp trip for many years to come. Outdoor education opens kids up to the incredible wonders of nature, while giving them the scientific tools and understandings necessary to further their exploration of natural sciences.

Mountain camp offers students the unique opportunity to step out of their classrooms and into the beauty of nature, where they can experience first hand the topics they have been discussing throughout their school year. This gives teachers an incredible chance to display the scientific principles discussed in previous lectures in the real world.

Adventure Activities

Coming to camp is always an adventure; just leaving the comfort of their home environment opens students up to the possibility of learning new things and challenging themselves. During their camp program students learn to overcome their fears and inhibitions on the climbing wall and zip line. These activities gently push each participant to the boundary of their comfort zones, structuring the safe opportunity for them to overcome their own self-imposed limitations and prove to themselves that they are capable of greatness.

Every class has an outdoor activity that goes along with it to demonstrate the principles discussed during the lecture. Students go for hikes, play interactive games, build shelters, visit the observatory, learn orienteering and how to use a field journal to conduct actual field science experiements.

Field Science Activities

Strong science is what MSA is most well known for. This is an aspect of the program that brings teachers back to our programs year after year with their students to develop a personal love and appreciation for the awe-inspiring world of natural sciences. The first class your students participate in teaches them how to make entries into their field journals to record data for developing their own hypothesis.

Each class uses the field journal as an integral part of each student’s educational toolkit. Before long they are enjoying implementing the scientific process to engage in a more meaningful way with the environment that surrounds them. This is where future scientists are born!

Coming to MSA’s mountain camp is an incredible opportunity for each person who attends. Discover the wonders of nature along side your students and classmates, increase awareness for the environment and impart a personal love and appreciation for environmental stewardship, and build altruistic character traits that build high self esteem and improve class morale! To learn how to bring your class to MSA mountain camp call (310) 519-3172 ext 980

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The Best Marine Biology Camps For High School Students

Board the Enhydra in Long Beach and enjoy a two hour journey across the channel to the majestic channel island of Santa Catalina. Your class has the opportunity to witness a variety of marine mammals, sea birds and other ocean creatures within minutes of leaving the harbor!

Mountain and Sea Adventures (MSA) offers educational marine biology experiences to schools and private groups around California. Marine biology is often a popular topic among youth who are fascinated by the incredible diversity found in the Ocean.

A Life Changing Sea Camp on Catalina Island

Bringing your class on a field trip to one of MSA’s sea camp locations is a life-changing experience for all whom attend. Teachers have multiple options to chose from including day programs around Los Angeles, to overnight programs either onboard the 112′ marine research vessel “Enhydra”, or an overnight class trip to Catalina Island!

Experience snorkeling, kayaking, and hiking – all while applying the scientific method to turn each activity into an exciting and highly educational research project. Your students learn to think like a scientist and have first-hand encounters with the natural world that will enrich their academic career and stay with them for a lifetime!

STEM Science Activities

MSA’s program is strong in STEM science activities. Students use our professional research equipment to undertake actual hands-on research assignments, including trawling for plankton and observing individual specimen under high powered microscopes, water analysis activities, and observing both terrestrial and marine wildlife in their natural environment.

These are the experiences that transform students into scientists and ignite a personal passion for learning, studying and exploring the fascinating world of natural sciences for a life time.

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The Most Adventurous and Educational Field Trips in California

Mountain and Sea Adventures (MSA) specializes in hands-on field trips in California, teaching your students how to use a field journal to gain a practical understanding of the scientific method and how to apply it. The combination of learning science while having fun in the great outdoors makes MSA the best educational experience for your class.

MSA’s program focuses on building core altruistic character traits, as they immerse themselves in the inspiriting world of natural sciences. Stay onboard the Enhydra, a 112 foot marine research vessel, or bring your class to camp at Catalina Island for an experience of their lives!

Highlights of MSA’s Educational Program:

  • Hands-on field science activities
  • Each student learns to keep a field journal and participate in actual on-going marine science research projects.
  • Passionate staff and instructors.
  • Over 20 years experience running marine biology sea camps on Catalina Island!
  • NEW! Live aboard program: ‘Floating Sea Camp’!

STEM Educational Field Trips In Los Angeles

For teachers looking for the best educational field trips emphasizing STEM education, MSA is a once in a lifetime opportunity to immerse your students in the world of marine biology and oceanography. With multiple locations around Los Angeles, you have a wide variety of options to choose from. A class field trip imparts a deep appreciation and love for science, which will remain with your students for a lifetime!

With STEM education becoming increasingly more valued and emphasized, an outdoor educational field trip to Catalina Island, or onboard the Enhydra, provides students with an incredible resource to ignite their passion for science. Once they have a profound personal experience via studying the natural world through the scientific method, then they are well on their way to dreaming big and planning for higher education.

One-Of-A-Kind Homeschool Field Trips California!

MSA has programs for classes and groups of all sizes. From multiple classes from the same school, to church youth groups, and even smaller home school field trips. Califronia has a lot to offer educators, with the ocean environment being one of the most unique resources of all. Come for a day trip to the local tidepools around Los Angeles, or board our ship for an overnight educational experience to Catalina Island.

MSA can customize your trip to match the specific needs of your class and each student. With twenty years of experience running outdoor educational programs around southern California, MSA makes your class and homeschool field trips a learning adventure that will impart each participant with a personal passion for the marine environment.

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Life Transforming Marine Science Summer Camps for Youth in California

Marine Science Summer Camps in California

Mountain and Sea Adventures offers the most interactive and inspiring marine science summer camps in California. Our hands-on field activities reinforce what they have been learning in class through the year, and impart a personal experience of field science, which acts as the foundation for a deeper appreciation for the wonderful world of marine biology and oceanography. This kid of one-on-one encounter with the natural world and resulting love for science is something that cannot be replicated inside the classroom.

Marine Biology Camps in California

When you arrive at camp Emerald Bay, at the west side of Santa Catalina Island, your life is changed forever. There is no going back. Each person who attends is deeply impacted by the raw beauty of nature that surrounds them, and the endless opportunities to develop themselves, which the program affords.

The location of Emerald Bay makes it a unique location for studying marine biology. Camps in California are a dime a dozen, but only one gives you and your students the opportunity to not only visit, but live at the most desirable location on Catalina Island, camp Emerald Bay with Mountain and Sea Adventures!

Campers learn to keep a field journal, and to conduct actual field science during their camp activities. After trawling for plankton on board our pontoon boat, campers look at their samples under high-powered microscopes in the multi million-dollar research center, The Pennington Marine Science Center. There are no other marine biology camps in California that offer so much to local schools and their students!

Oceanography summer camps

During the summer, when schools are not in session, the MSA staff launches our summer program on board our hundred and twelve foot marine research vessel, The Enhydra! This vessel is a floating hotel with all the gear and equipment necessary for the best oceanography summer camp of your life!

Summer Floating Sea Camp program activities include:

  • Jumping off the top deck of the ship!
  • Discover scuba diving
  • Surfing on the backside of the island
  • Live on board a mini cruise ship.
  • Study marine biology and Oceanography
  • Hike, snorkel, kayak, and play together in the water!

Life Transforming Programs for Kids

Being outside of your comfort zones gives you the unique opportunity to push your self to achieve greater heights, to develop various qualities and traits (some of which you may never have known you had!), and to make friendships that often last a life time!

Although it is the time of your life, MSA’s program is challenging – without a doubt! However, it is this opportunity to challenge your self, face your fears and achieve personal victory that makes this program so life transforming.

For the MSA Staff, teaching good solid marine science is important, and we are passionate about it, but not nearly as passionate as we are about building character in youth and helping each individual child expand their horizons and demonstrate to them selves that they are capable of greater than what they had previously thought possible.

Marine Science Adventures in The Matchless Beauty of Catalina Island

Catalina Island is one of the greatest resources for Californians, with miles of breathtaking and undeveloped coastline, remote beaches, hidden sea caves, sandy beaches, and endless island ecosystems.

Just coming to the island imparts a deep personal love and passion for the marine environment. Activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, trawling for plankton and hiking the various trails of the island, give students the opportunity to take what they have learned in the brief lecture before hand and use the scientific method to conduct their own actual field research.

At the end of each program activity campers are encouraged to develop a hypothesis and to observe the findings in their field journals to conclude their thoughts.

Celebrating 20 years of outdoor education, Mountain and Sea Adventures inspires thousands of youth to become environmental stewards and world changers every year. You can attend one of our programs as a school, small or large group, family or individual! No matter where you attend one of our programs you can look forward to an educational adventure you and your group will remember for a life time!

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