Science Camps for School Groups!

Bring your class for an outdoor educational experience at one of our prestigious locations around California! Chose from our Marine Biology Sea Camp on Catalina Island, Astro Physics Camp in Big Bear, or our Floating Sea Camp program on board the Enhydra.

Program 1: Catalina Island’s Premier Sea Camp!

Santa Catalina Island is known as the most desirable location in California, with a plethora of marine and terrestrial ecosystems. Catalina Island is the ideal location for your science camp experience, and leaves a lasting impression in the hearts of your students.

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Program 2: The Enhydra, Your Floating Sea Camp!

The Enhydra is a fully equipped marine research vessel that houses up to 42 participants. Your students experience hands-on activities that reinforce the topics they have been learning throughout the school year. Experience education and adventure, all while living on board a floating lab and exploring the very best of Santa Catalina Island!

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canoe_zip_chute  Program 3: Astro Science Camp, Big Bear

When you participate in our exciting and inspirational MAPS program your students enjoy seeing a plethora of wildlife, stargazing at our on-site observatory, hiking on endless trails, and learning about various survival skills such as using a compass and a map.


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