Catalina Island

Summer Programs for Kids on Catalina Island

Summer Programs for Kids on Catalina Island

When it comes to the most memorable summer programs for kids, Mountain and Sea Adventures (MSA) provides a camp experience unlike any other. Your child spends six days and nights exploring the very best of Santa Catalina Island, while living aboard a fully stocked marine science research vessel, The Enhydra!

The Most Inspiring Local Summer Camps

IMG_6021Living in southern California has many benefits. There is never any shortage of resources and things to do. There is a variety of local summer camps to chose from, however, MSA’s shipboard program is one of the best kept secrets in the heartland. Not only do they get to explore one of the greatest resources in California (Catalina Island), but they get to do it all from a floating hotel fully stocked with all the gear and equipment necessary for a week of fun in the sun!

We depart from Los Angeles Harbor and set our heading directly for Catalina. Upon arriving at this ecological paradise, we immediately begin immersing ourselves in the fascinating world of marine biology and natural sciences. Activities include kayaking, snorkeling, plankton trawls, microscope labs, hiking and stargazing. There are truly no other local summer camps in the southern California area like MSA’s floating sea camp!

High Quality Summer Camps for Low Income Families

Not only does MSA’s floating sea camp have more to offer than any other summer camp around, but it is fairly priced for low income families, allowing all to attend whom have the interest to.

Just do the comparative research and you will see! We are very proud to be able to offer this life changing summer camp for low income families, and are constantly seeking ways to increase the quality of our program and decrease the costs!

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MSA’s Floating Sea Camp Program to Catalina Island

enydra-catalinaOne of the most valuable things MSA has to offer summer campers during summer floating sea camp is a program that is both fun and educational. During the school year we run outdoor education camps for schools coming to the island for their annual field trip. The MSA staff is very knowledgeable and has a tremendous amount of hands-on experience working with youth of all ages and backgrounds.

Our well-trained staff are each lifeguard certified and passionate about imparting a personal love and appreciate for the marine environment.

Floating sea camp is a unique program in that it combines adventure activities with hands-on field science. Students learn the scientific method, how to keep a field journal and how to think like scientists. An educational component before each activity enriches the camper’s experience of the environment they are about to enter into.

Each participant that attends MSA’s floating sea camp aboard the Enhydra learns new skills, develops aspects of themselves, builds character, makes new friends and report that this week was the highlight of the summer, which they will remember the rest of their lives!

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Marine Biology Camps on Catalina Island California

The Most Desirable Cove on Catalina: Camp Emerald Bay

img_2400_zps61378fc9Emerald Bay is on the west end of the island and is home to one of the most popular marine biology camps on Catalina, run by Mountain and Sea Adventures. This cove is naturally protected by a small point and rocky reefs, creating a safe and calm estuary for marine life to thrive. The gentle ocean conditions allow campers with limited experience swimming to safely enjoy such activities as snorkeling, kayaking, and free time playing on the beach.

The facilities at Emerald Bay make it among the most elite marine biology camps on Catalina, with a fully functional salt water aquarium allowing campers to see more than four various local marine ecosystems, as well as the opportunity to pet a shark or ray in the shark touch tanks!

The very first activity upon arriving at class teaches students how to use a field journal and begin organizing their field research notes to form their own hypothesis and conclusions. Each class has a lecture phase and a corresponding field activity, allowing campers to develop a personal understanding and love for the world of natural sciences.

credit-annefmaben89Upon stepping off the boat, students are immediately surrounded in an the awe and beauty of one of California’s most cherished natural resources. The Channel Islands are only a short boat ride away from southern California coastal communities, but is so undeveloped and abundant in wildlife that it feels as if they have arrived to a distant and remote island paradise!

Emerald Bay is the most remote camp on the island and the furthest camp towards the west end. Which means campers staying here often see a lot of wild life, from deer to bison and the endemic Island Fox, found only on Catalina! Also frequently seen are bald and golden eagles, and a plethora of marine mammals, sea birds and other forms of both terrestrial and marine life.


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How MSA Inspires Youth To Dream Big and Reach For The Stars

credit-AnneFMaben67Our Central Theme: Break Your Fears!

When students come out to Mountain and Sea Adventure’s life-changing outdoor education program on Catalina Island, or Big Bear, they have the opportunity to explore their talents and abilities in a safe environment, allowing them to overcome their fears and inhibitions with the support of their instructors, teachers and peers.

What holds people back from reaching their fullest potential and living the life of their dreams? Fear manifests in many ways, from fear of failure to fear of success. Many times people fear that they are not worthy of success, and set their own limits for what they are capable of achieving.

MSA’s program is unlike any other; giving students the opportunity to do many activities they may have never had the chance to experience for themselves. Activities such as snorkeling and kayaking gently push students to the boundaries of their comfort zone, where the MSA staff then supports and encourages them towards achieving what they previously thought they were incapable of. Even something as simple as putting on a wetsuit, strapping a snorkel on to your face, and taking your first breath with your head submerged in the water is enough to shatter paradigms and inspire youth to continue surpassing their own limitations.

Perseverance: Never Give Up!

credit-AnneFMaben58So often in life we start out on a new endeavor with great enthusiasm and hope, but how often do we finish what we start with the same amount of zeal? Perseverance is incredibly vital for achieving our ambitions and fulfilling our greatest potential.

The MSA staff teaches students to harness their enthusiasm and excitement by choosing a pace they know they can maintain, to avoid burning themselves out, and the importance of setting small achievable benchmarks along the way towards manifesting their overall goals.

Activities such as hiking and kayaking provide the ideal setting to drive these points home, and impart a personal experience that makes it real and remains with the student forever.

A Transformational Camp Experience

People learn and grow the fastest when they are placed outside their comfort zones, and have the guidance necessary to overcome all resistance. MSA’s science camp program provides just the venue for such personal growth to occur, with the MSA staff there to encourage and inspire each student to reach for the stars and achieve greatness.

Campers encourage each other to overcome their inhibitions to the unfamiliar world of snorkeling!

Campers encourage each other to overcome their inhibitions to the unfamiliar world of snorkeling!

In the process of the camp program, students overcome their own fears that were previously holding them back, and they prove to themselves again and again that they can indeed do what they previously thought they could not.

With the positive reinforcement of their teachers, camp instructors and classmates, students are repeatedly given structured opportunities to achieve greatness, and to surpass their own limitations and self-expectations.

Building Self Esteem and a Healthy Self Image

The result of the MSA camp experience is an improved self-image for all whom attend, from students to teachers and chaperones. For some, just coming out to camp and roughing it with their students for a week reminds them that they are indeed cut out for greatness! If this can improve your own self-confidence, just imagine what it does for your students!

Students thrive from their camp experience. After proving to themselves that they are greater than their fears, can achieve greatness on a daily basis, and accomplish can accomplish anything they set their mind to, the self image and self esteem of each camper is improved drastically.

With a greater sense of self, the lives of each student are enriched in every way. Students perform better in their studies, choose healthy friendships, and inspire others to achieve personal greatness, as well.

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Keeping A Field Journal: How To Transform Your Students Into Scientists

In the process of developing an educated appreciation for science, students use their field journals to take the scientific method into their own hands and make it a very real part of their individual lives. In this way, the field journal serves as the vehicle for developing a personal appreciation and love for science.

credit-AnneFMaben59Developing A Personal Appreciation And Love For Science

The field journal becomes the instrument that students of science use to capture their insights and other thoughts while out in the field. They are then able to ponder and interpret what they are observing into their own theories and ideas about the natural world, developing one more testable hypothesis to bring their concepts into reality.

The whole scientific method becomes an adventurous process of heightening sensitivity and deepening the student’s awareness and experience of the environment they are researching. Soon the natural world reveals its splendor and wonder, captivating the student and peaking their interest. The field journal then becomes the intermediary between raw experience and scientific analysis.

The student quickly discovers that the most important research equipment they have is their own mind and the field journal. All other technology is only complimentary.

The Field Journal

credit-AnneFMaben8As soon as students arrive at one of Mountain and Sea Adventures (MSA) programs on Catalina Island or Big Bear they are immediately introduced to how to set up, organize and keep a field journal. It is always a joy for the MSA staff to see the transformation that happens between the first class, when students reluctantly participate in what they perceive to be ‘just another school class’, to when they turn in their journals at the end of their camp experience, sometimes frantically requesting the instructors to be sure to return their journals promptly!

The field journal is a valuable tool for seeing your thoughts develop and evolve over time. This further engages the student and inspires them to immerse themselves further in their research, with a greater awareness and appreciation for the utility of the field journal.

Personalizing Our Experiences

One of the most valuable aspects of the field journal is in the way it takes an impersonal class lecture and gives it a vehicle for personal application. Now the students can listen to each new lecture with deeper interest, knowing that they will be able to apply what has been taught to their own observations and experiences in the field. Learning is no longer second-hand and based on what has already been written in texts books, but becomes a living breathing component of their lives that they can translate into their own personal writings. From a hypothesis to a theory to a scientific law, the writing that takes place in the student’s field journal gradually evolves.

credit-AnneFMaben71A Catapult For The Imagination

Many students often mistakenly think that science is cold and analytical, when the truth is that good science provides a foundation for the creative faculties, such as imagination, to unravel and reveal the untold mysteries of the natural world.

In this way, science is much like any other art form. Just like with music or fine art, the instruments, brushes and other tools are only the catalyst for the creative expression of the mind. In the same way, a field biologist utilizes many forms of technology, yet considers the imagination to be the first and most important laboratory.

Bringing Imagination To Reality

Scientists are like big kids; both spend most of their time engaged in elaborate imagination. Science can be seen as the ultimate venue for the imagination, where it is empowered to express its fullest potential. However, one of the most exciting things of all is that science is not limited to the realm of mere fantasy; but is focused on bringing thought into the material plane of measurable application.

In this way, a field biologist is constantly updating their mental vision by testing various hypothesis and analyzing the results as they unfold in the field. Eventually the scientist first discovers the theory in their imagination before explaining it, and finally proving it in a controlled environment.

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A Users Guide To The Best Hiking Trails on Catalina Island

credit-AnneFMaben5Hiking on Catalina Island is an extraordinary experience, nowhere else can you access such an abundance wildlife and scenic beauty. Catalina is an exceptionally well-maintained nature preserve with some of the most awe-inspiring scenery in the world.

With the fact that it is only an hour across the channel from the port of Los Angeles, the many various trails and campgrounds offer a very valuable and easily accessible resource to nature enthusiasts.

There is a wide variety of trails and campgrounds on Catalina Island, ranging to relative easy to access, such as Hermit’s Gulch just on the outskirts of the island village of Avalon, to more remote sites such as Parson’s Landing on the west end of the island, or Black Jack campground at an elevation of 1600 ft.

Trans Catalina Trail:

The trans Catalina trail is the most popular trail, it can be said to be the main trail that runs the breadth of Catalina Island, from the east end to the west. A total of 37.2 miles long, the trans Catalina trail begins in Avalon and ends at Starlight Beach on the extreme west end of island.

IMGP1092There are many smaller trails people do which are segments of the trans Catalina trail, to do the entire trail from beginning to end takes a dedication of several days and is only for the most avid and serious backpackers.

Although most parts of the trail have been blazed for decades, the trail got its official status only as recently as 2009. A good portion of the trail is well-used dirt roads, but other segments are relatively new.

Most people who do the full trail begin in Avalon and do the most challenging leg first, which is a 15 miles trek to Black Jack campground, which is nearby the highest point on the island, Mt. Orizaba. The next day could easily be Little Harbor or Two Harbors. The third day you can make it all the way to Starlight Beach. Day four can involve hiking back to Two Harbors and taking the ferry from there or catching a bus back to Avalon.

Hermit Gulch Trail Loop:

Just beyond the Hermit Gulch campground turn right to follow the signs towards the Hermit Gulch trail. This trail is 11.75 miles long and offers breathtaking ocean views and a broad range of biodiversity; the top of the trail is a panoramic view over Avalon and the channel.

Two Harbors to Little Harbor Campground:

This stretch of the trans Catalina trail is 5.6 miles long, and runs right along coast of the back-end of the island, offering amazing scenery. This is a relatively easy stretch of the trail and perfect for the beginner to intermediate ranged backpacker.

From Two Harbors walk up the road leading to the Banning House, but instead of turning up the driveway to the bread and breakfast just continue along the road until you come to the trail head, which is noticeable because it departs the main road and follows the edge of the coast line.

Arriving at Little Harbor is an experience unto itself; it looks like a tropical oasis with short stubby palm trees and lots of green grass. The atmosphere at Little Harbor is very relaxed and charming, it feels like you’re on the opposite side of the world!

For those planning a more leisurely holiday and want to bring along more gear for outing, a bus runs multiple times a day from Little Harbor, tickets can be purchased from the visitors center at the base of the pier.

The fact you can take a bus to Little Harbor also means you can leave from there on your hike to reach even more remote destinations on the island, such as Ben Weston, a popular but very secluded island beach.

Two Harbors to Parsons Landing or Starlight Beach:

photo courtesy of: www.mountainphotographer.com

photo courtesy of: www.mountainphotographer.com

Another popular is to follow the main dirt road out of town from Two Harbors towards Emerald Bay. Once you get to Emerald Bay continue following the dirt road towards Parsons Landing. There is a campground there, or you can continue on the trans Catalina trail towards Starlight Beach.

Hiking and camping on Catalina Island requires a permit, which can easily be acquired from the visitor’s center in either Two Harbors or Avalon. In even the most remote campgrounds, your reservation guarantees you access to a locker with a cord of firewood and 2.5 gallons of drinking water.

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A One Of A Kind Marine Biology Science Camp on Catalina Island

Mountain and Sea Adventures marine biology camp on Catalina Island is a one-of-a-kind, once in a lifetime educational experience that inspires students to dream big, break their fears and change their world.
250354_155784427831926_7442142_nThis program brings together hands-on field biology activities with character building, team work and imparting a deep personal understanding, love and appreciation for the awe-inspiring world of natural science.
Students, teachers and chaperons all benefit greatly from participating in MSA’s fun and highly educational activities beginning the moment you step off the boat to the beautiful and enchanting premier location of Emerald Bay, which hosts 4 marine ecosystems,world class salt water aquariums and touch tanks, and scenic outdoor classrooms set in the beauty of Santa Catalina Island, one of the largest privately operated nature preserve islands in the world.
You enjoy activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, squid dissection, hiking, plankton trawls, microscope labs, shark touch tanks and a wide diversity of both terrestrial and marine wildlife.
Each of MSA’s activities involves hands-on learning opportunities and the opportunity to build character traits such as courage, perseverance, stewardship and leadership. Your students learn how to keep a field journal and utilize the scientific method to develop and refine their own hypothesis, thus learning how to think and perceive the natural world around them through the eyes of a field biologist.
Coming to camp on Catalina Island is the opportunity of a life time and guaranteed to be the highlight of your school year, and bound to touch the lives of each and every person whom attends.
It’s now easier than ever to bring your class or group to Catalina Island for an educational experience that they will cherish for a life time!

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The Most Affordable And Educational Catalina Sea Camp

MSA has been running their sea camp on Catalina for over 18 years, and excels in providing the highest quality yet most affordable outdoor education experience on Catalina.

When your students attend one of MSA’s Catalina sea camp programs, they are immediately immersed into the exciting world of natural science from the moment they step off the ferry! The camp environment is set in a marine conservation and island nature preserve, which gives your students the opportunity to develop a life long appreciation for the beauty of environment and the importance in preserving it.

MSA’s Catalina Marine Camp at Emerald Bay

10302054_682080205202343_289783729261922074_nMSA’s program focuses on conducting actual field research, as your students understand how to utilize the scientific method through using a field journal to record data, notice patters and develop hypotheses, and eventually a theory.

Each activity, such as snorkeling, hiking and kayaking, has a short lecture before hand to prepare the students for what they will see during the lab. That way they can use their field journals during the activity similar to a scientist using one during monitoring and conducting experiments in the field.

Every student who comes to Catalina sea camp gets to experience putting on a wetsuit, mask and snorkel and following the guidance of our well-trained instructors and lifeguards to see the spectacular beauty of the world beneath the oceans surface with their own eyes. Catalina sea camp is always a life changing experience that stays with every one of MSA’s participants long after their stay. These are the experiences that give birth to future marine biologists, and inspire all students towards a personal appreciation for marine biology. Catalina sea camp is a unique experience for all!

Catalina Island Camps Are An Unforgettable Experience

281818_155722767838092_7562355_nThe camp environment on Catalina is very special, the students feel as if they are on a different continent, yet they are only a few hours from the port of Los Angeles! The wonder and mystery in the air Catalina Island camps creates the perfect environment for children to explore themselves and their abilities, to try out new things, and consider new ideas.

MSA’s Catalina sea camp is a safe place for youth, where they are free from many of the pressures and challenges in their home environment, allowing them to discover their own talents, build altruistic character traits and make long lasting friendships with their peers.

A Fun and Educational Catalina Island Kids Summer Camp

Although most of the year MSA is catering to school groups at their premier location at Emerald Bay, we greatly look forward to the opportunity to play in the sun and ocean during summer time. Catalina island kids summer camp and teens summer camp is an adventurous program unlike any other in California. Come along for one or two weeks and enjoy all the very best that Catalina sea camp has to offer!

IMG_3990_zpse1492c4eLive aboard a 112’ long marine research vessel as we tour around the island and enjoy some of the best snorkeling spots in the world, remote beaches all to our selves, cliff jumping, leaping off the top deck of the ship, surfing on the back side of the island, and lots more!

The ship is fully outfitted with marine research equipment and supplies, making the activities even more fun and exciting, as the students learn how to experience their surroundings through the eyes of a natural scientist.

The Magic of Camping on Catalina Island

Mountain and Sea Adventures (MSA) offers many different packages for a wide range of groups, from schools to families and individual campers during overnight summer camp programs.

Camping on Catalina Island is always a unique opportunity to enjoy being in the peace and quiet of undisturbed nature. You will probably see various wildlife such as deer, bison and the endemic Catalina Island Fox, which can only be found on the island and no where else in the world.

Being constantly surrounded by such awe-inspiring natural beauty leaves a lasting impression, and allows for deep mental and physical peace and rejuvenation. In such an environment, one becomes eager to learn and explore the natural secrets of science all around them.

Enjoy Two Harbors Catalina Camping At The Isthum

10584078_689154487828248_2867922399694497054_nFor the smaller group, or for the group that wants to have a bit more access to amenities, the small village of Two Harbors is a perfect alternative to our more remote location at Emerald Bay.

MSA’s outdoor education program at Two Harbors allows schools to live inside a quaint and beautiful island village with a population of only 300 people. There is a general store, restaurant, coin-op laundry and showers, a large grassy park, and beautiful well maintained beaches. This feels more like a resort, island village and science camp all in one!

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A Summer Science Camp on Catalina Island Unlike Any Other!

MSA’s Incredibly Unique Summer Science Program

Overnight summer science camp on Catalina Island provides the unique opportunity to completely immerse your self in the amazing world of natural science. Every activity of MSA’s program is designed to impart a personal experience, appreciation and love for the ocean environment. Campers spend 6 days aboard a 112’ marine research vessel, discovering and exploring the various ecologically rich coves of Santa Catalina Island. This is only a part of what makes MSA the most unique summer science camp in California.

IMG_4001_zpsa250d5d3The ship is rigged with trawling cranes and nets, sampling equipment, wetsuits, kayaks and all the other tools and gear needed to dive in with both hands and feet, discovering how much fun science truly is.

By learning the scientific method, and how to keep a field journal, MSA’s campers quickly discover how to think like a marine biologist, as they conduct actual in-field science experiments to come up with various hypotheses and develop a theory. By the time their week is over, they are looking at the world around them with the eyes of wonder that is at the heart of good science.

Science Camps for Kids

Our program is divided in to multiple levels, kids and teens, allowing each group to interact with their peers, while taking the topics they are exploring to deeper and deeper levels together. This way, kids aren’t left behind in the more advanced topics, and teens are held back in the more elementary material.

10599185_689038871173143_948746590106928615_nThe summer science camp for kids allows the younger participants to spend more time playing and learning the concepts they are being exposed to through games and structured activities. They also get a chance to strap on their mask and snorkel, and see the beauty that waits for them beneath the surface with their own eyes.

Science Camps for High School Students

For those seeking a more in depth look and scientific exploration of the ocean environment, MSA also has a program designed to create a highly educational, yet incredibly fun science camps for high school students. With such activities as cliff diving, jumping from the upper deck of the ship, surfing, backpacking the interior of the island, and camping out at a remote campground on the backside of the island, teens have so much fun they quickly forget that they are engaged in a rich educational experience the whole time!

Most science camps for high school students just don’t have as much to offer as MSA’s shipboard program on Catalina Island. Learn more here!




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How Catalina Summer Camp Builds High Self-Esteem

10599185_689038871173143_948746590106928615_nMountain and Sea Adventure’s summer camp on Catalina Island provides youth with the unique opportunity to try new things, push themselves to the boundaries of their comfort zones, break their fears, develop social skills and play in the great outdoors in the sun and water. Apart from giving them the best summer break ever, the experiences your child will have at shipboard camp on Catalina will improve their social skills, self-confidence and overall belief in themselves.

New experiences

Coming to camp on Catalina Island gives youth endless opportunities to experience a wide array of activities. From snorkeling to cliff jumping, squid dissection, handling invertebrates and other sea animals, and living away from home on a marine research vessel off the coast of Catalina Island – the camp experience gives each child the chance to go to the limit of their comfort zones, and discover the excitement which lies beyond.

Breaking fears and inhibitions

Every child has something to gain from the adventurous camp experiences at MSA’s shipboard summer camp program. Our theme at camp is ‘break your fears’, and we are passionate about structuring healthy opportunities for each camper to face their fears and develop the courage to go beyond what they previously thought was possible for themselves.

Meeting friends

With a jam-packed schedule of games, sports, skill sessions and activities both in and on the water – the campers quickly learn teamwork and form tight bonds and friendships, which often last a lifetime. From the very first icebreaker activities upon arrival, the campers learn to interact and enjoy sharing time together without a smart phone or computer screen between each other.

Enjoying the great outdoors together and playing in the sun and water allows each camper the chance to drop their walls and just be kids playing together. Without all their usual distractions from home, each camper is the only entertainment they all have. This allows the children the opportunity to display their personality, sense of humor, and other character traits. Each child enriches the camp experience for all the others.

Teamwork and high morale

The challenges children face at camp structure the opportunity for them to learn teamwork, and to discover that they can achieve more when they work together. When all the campers are cheering each other on to rise above their fears and challenges, it boosts the overall morale and attitude of each participant.

To hear their peers cheering them on gives each child an incredible amount of encouragement to rise above their inhibitions and achieve things they might have never thought they could before. This helps to improve their overall self-image and belief in what they are capable of, even discovering strengths and talents they never knew they had before.

Your camp counselor

The MSA staff is passionate about uplifting the spirits of youth and speaking inner strength and encouragement into their lives. The first step is to face their fears, just this is a huge victory – for then their fears and inhibitions are not ruling them any longer. The camp counselors are all first aid and lifeguard certified, and are always there to assure the campers that they are safe to explore, broaden their horizons and try new things. Your child is guaranteed to come home from their week of summer camp with a strong sense of self, confidence in their traits and talents, and higher self-esteem.

Mountain and Sea Adventures summer camp program on Santa Catalina Island enriches the lives of youth by giving them valuable positive memories, teaching them life skills, imparting strong character traits and improving their self image and overall confidence levels.

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An Unbelievably Beautiful Science Camp on Catalina Island

With over 54 miles of coastline, 8 miles wide and the highest peak being over 2,000 feet high, the untouched beauty of Santa Catalina Island is comparable to nowhere else on earth. This hidden gem only 20 miles off the coast of Los Angeles has unbelievable natural diversity, being home to a wide variety of plant and wildlife (both marine and terrestrial).

When campers come visit Catalina Island for their science camp experience they have the opportunity to see both bald and golden eagles, red tailed hawks, owls, ravens and an endless variety or marine birds such as cormorant, brown pelican, oyster catchers, arctic turns and many others.

Marine Mammal Sightings On The Boat Ride

10468086_675128572564173_7719934005060252943_nBefore even arriving at camp students have the opportunity to see several species of marine mammals such as sea lions, dolphins and quite often blue and grey whales. For many campers the boat ride to camp is the best part. This is the first time many children have ever been out on the ocean miles off of shore. It feels as if they are ont heir way to a whole new continent! However, at this point the adventure has only begun. Arriving at camp provides another chance to experience many amazing forms of life, from bison to leopard sharks and everything in between.

Endemic Species Native Only To Catalina Island

Catalina Island is also home to over sixty-one species of endemic plants and animals; meaning these species cannot be found anywhere else in the entire world! Only on Catalina Island can students have the opportunity to see Catalina Island fox, Catalina California quail, Catalina Island shrew, Catalina California ground squirrel, and many others.

The incredible diversity of the island does not stop there. A whole new world can be experienced as the campers put on their wetsuits and strap on the mask and snorkel to peer into the world beneath the surface of the water. Campers frequently see bat rays, Garibaldi, sheepshead, kelp bass, lobster, sea cucumbers and many other forms of sea life.

Coming to camp is truly a magical experience and ignites a passion for the world of natural science in the hearts of all whom attend, from students to teachers and chaperones. You are bound to remember your camp experience for years and years to come.

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