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MSA’s Science Summer Camp Aboard A Marine Research Vessel

MSA’s Science Summer Camp Aboard A Marine Research Vessel!

Mountain and Sea Adventures (MSA) currently offers a one-of-a-kind science summer camp onboard our hundred and twelve foot long marine research vessel, The Enhydra! Our floating sea camp gives youth the rare opportunity to explore the various coves of Catalina Island, and experience the most desired attractions of this valuable natural resource.

What Is Science Camp?

credit-AnneFMaben15Science camp is an adventure and an educational experience all wrapped up in one life transforming experience. The great value of such a program is en demonstrating to youth how much fun learning is, this is a unique aspect of science camp. What is usually only discussed in text books and discussed in lectures in experienced first hand in a hands-on approach, allowing campers to discover for themselves how fascinating the world of natural sciences truly is.

Our program teaches the scientific process and imparts a deep passion for the natural sciences and inquiring more into what is. Science camp is the perfect opportunity to get out into the beauty of nature, away from the distractions of the cyber world, and enjoy a week of playing together in the sun and water!

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California Science Summer Camps for Middle and High School Students

MSA’s science summer camps for middle and high school students are currently offered for youth ages nine to seventeen. They come aboard the ship in Los Angeles Harbor and begin the voyage to Santa Catalina Island, enjoy exciting and adventurous activities day and night for six whole days!

Participants can look forward to learning about local marine life as they experience snorkeling in the most prestigious dive spots around the island. They learn about birds and then go for a kayak tour to local nesting spots. We study terrestrial flora and fauna and then hike the trails of the island. And enjoy many other exciting activities such as surfing, jumping from the top deck of the ship, exploring sea caves and remote island beaches.

The Most Fun and Educational Marine Biology Summer Camp in California

MSA’s floating sea camp is the most interactive marine biology summer camp in California, allowing youth to develop their passion for the ocean environment. MSA currently runs programs for school groups during the school year at their premier location at Emerald Bay, which gives the staff a great amount of experience both learning and teaching marine biology. Summer camps in California are a dime a dozen, but nowhere else in the world will you encounter a program with so much to offer as this one!

A Passion for Building Character in Youth!

943620_493640050713027_1497467656_nMSA is passionate about building character in youth, each camper who attends this life-changing program has the unique opportunity to develop aspects of themselves they may never even knew existed.

Simply coming to camp and being out of their daily environment and comfort zones allows for this chance to build character. Each activity has a character trait that we focus on imparting to the campers, such as courage, perseverance, and stewardship.

MSA’s marine biology science summer camp on Catalina Island is always the highlight of the summer for each person who participates. Campers make new friends, learn social skills, break their fears and inhibitions, and discover a lifelong long and appreciation for the wonderful world of natural sciences.

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How To Bring The Excitement Of Outdoor Education Into Your Classroom

The world of natural science is full of adventure and excitement, where youth can take their own ideas and theories about the world and apply them for real tangible results that they can actually observe for themselves.

Learning Science Is Exciting And Adventurous

What is it about coming out to science camp on Catalina Island with Mountain and Sea Adventures (MSA) that excites students, and sparks a lifelong love for the marine environment and world of natural sciences?

281903_155788194498216_6599672_nOutdoor education merely teaches youth how to open their eyes to perceiving the grand beauty of the natural world all around them. Field science becomes the vehicle for students to immerse themselves deeper and deeper in their awe-inspiring surroundings. Soon any aversion to academic learning is replaced by an ever-increasing urge to enjoy the fun activities of their outdoor educational experience.

In this sense, outdoor education is one of the most important academic experiences for youth, for it reveals to them that learning is not only fun, but also one of the most exciting endeavors they can embark upon.

Learning To See The Wonder Of Nature

Children love to play and make believe, exploring and discovering their environment in a way they never tire of. Natural sciences takes this exploratory sense of adventure in youth to its zenith, by showing them that there are no limits to what they can discover and learn through their own field research.

credit-AnneFMaben82The scientific method is the process of learning to ask the right questions, to have that same sense of wonder that a child has, so that you can set all your pre-existing ideas aside and arrive at your own understandings based on your own experience.

In fact, science is the last frontier of creative thought – where the inventive imagination of the left-brain meets the intellectual analysis of the right brain.

Rather than teaching your students that science is about definite laws, encourage them to see science as a field of limitless possibilities where they can bring their ideas and theories into the material world.

Immersing Your Students In The World Of Natural Sciences

The beautiful thing about studying natural sciences is that you do not have to wait until you are in a nature preserve or other exotic location to begin immersing your students. In fact, the natural world is all around us, all the time! Even when sitting in the classroom, the natural world is still unfolding its wonder.

Of course, you don’t have to stay in your classroom; even a short visit to your sports field or one of the plazas on your campus can be an exciting opportunity to immerse them in field biology.

Preparing Your Students For Their Outdoor Education Camp Experience

10302054_682080205202343_289783729261922074_nJust a few visits to the natural surroundings in their own school campus can prime your students for more, empowering them to begin seeing the world around them through the eyes of a field scientist.

By the time your students make it out to camp Emerald Bay on Catalina Island, or Camp Oakes in Big Bear, they have a head start on field biology that allows them to take full advantage of their incredible resources at camp, and to enjoy MSA’s life changing program to its fullest potential.

Bringing It Home: Implementing Your Camp Experience Into Your Classroom

By the time your students complete their camp experience and return to school, they have had their perspectives and ideas about science transformed. Science has now become a living breathing part of their life, a tool that they can use to increase their love and appreciation of the natural world.

Natural science does not begin when the school bell rings, and it does not end when they leave campus at the day’s end. When given the right perspective by their teachers, youth can come to see how their entire life is a laboratory for scientific research and experimentation.

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A One Of A Kind Marine Biology Science Camp on Catalina Island

Mountain and Sea Adventures marine biology camp on Catalina Island is a one-of-a-kind, once in a lifetime educational experience that inspires students to dream big, break their fears and change their world.
250354_155784427831926_7442142_nThis program brings together hands-on field biology activities with character building, team work and imparting a deep personal understanding, love and appreciation for the awe-inspiring world of natural science.
Students, teachers and chaperons all benefit greatly from participating in MSA’s fun and highly educational activities beginning the moment you step off the boat to the beautiful and enchanting premier location of Emerald Bay, which hosts 4 marine ecosystems,world class salt water aquariums and touch tanks, and scenic outdoor classrooms set in the beauty of Santa Catalina Island, one of the largest privately operated nature preserve islands in the world.
You enjoy activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, squid dissection, hiking, plankton trawls, microscope labs, shark touch tanks and a wide diversity of both terrestrial and marine wildlife.
Each of MSA’s activities involves hands-on learning opportunities and the opportunity to build character traits such as courage, perseverance, stewardship and leadership. Your students learn how to keep a field journal and utilize the scientific method to develop and refine their own hypothesis, thus learning how to think and perceive the natural world around them through the eyes of a field biologist.
Coming to camp on Catalina Island is the opportunity of a life time and guaranteed to be the highlight of your school year, and bound to touch the lives of each and every person whom attends.
It’s now easier than ever to bring your class or group to Catalina Island for an educational experience that they will cherish for a life time!

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