The Best Marine Biology Camps For High School Students

Board the Enhydra in Long Beach and enjoy a two hour journey across the channel to the majestic channel island of Santa Catalina. Your class has the opportunity to witness a variety of marine mammals, sea birds and other ocean creatures within minutes of leaving the harbor!

Mountain and Sea Adventures (MSA) offers educational marine biology experiences to schools and private groups around California. Marine biology is often a popular topic among youth who are fascinated by the incredible diversity found in the Ocean.

A Life Changing Sea Camp on Catalina Island

Bringing your class on a field trip to one of MSA’s sea camp locations is a life-changing experience for all whom attend. Teachers have multiple options to chose from including day programs around Los Angeles, to overnight programs either onboard the 112′ marine research vessel “Enhydra”, or an overnight class trip to Catalina Island!

Experience snorkeling, kayaking, and hiking – all while applying the scientific method to turn each activity into an exciting and highly educational research project. Your students learn to think like a scientist and have first-hand encounters with the natural world that will enrich their academic career and stay with them for a lifetime!

STEM Science Activities

MSA’s program is strong in STEM science activities. Students use our professional research equipment to undertake actual hands-on research assignments, including trawling for plankton and observing individual specimen under high powered microscopes, water analysis activities, and observing both terrestrial and marine wildlife in their natural environment.

These are the experiences that transform students into scientists and ignite a personal passion for learning, studying and exploring the fascinating world of natural sciences for a life time.

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