The Most Fun and Educational Science Summer Camps for Kids

A Summer Camp for Kids Unlike Any Other

13680553_1064422520301441_3779876573892777909_nSummer camp is the highlight of the year for many kids whom look forward to this chance to get out into the great outdoors and spend a week exploring, discovering and creating adventures with both old and new friends. Mountain and Sea Adventures (MSA) has been hosting the most fun and educational summer camp for kids in the southern California area for nearly twenty years, and specializes in building character and increasing awareness of the ocean environment.

MSA’s programs are very well balanced between academic learning and exciting outdoor activities, which both reinforce and compliment each other. Campers quickly discover that the learning time before each activity enriches their overall experience, allowing them to appreciate their surroundings even more!

Summer Day Camps for Kids in California

1098447_512041845539514_1001796856_nMSA has multiple day camp locations for southern California residents, including beachfront facilities at Cabrillo Beach in San Pedro, as well as the Back Bay in Newport Beach. These programs teach students how to think like marine biologists as they immerse themselves in field research, water sports and games, beach fun time and environmental activities to increase awareness and foster a love and appreciation for the environmental stewardship.

Both of MSA’s summer day camp locations include estuaries with an abundance of sea birds, invertebrates, fish, marine mammals and lots of other marine life. Summer day camp for kids is always such a great opportunity to expand the horizons of youth, and expose them to the exciting world of natural sciences.

Overnight Summer Sleepaway Camps

One of the biggest highlights for MSA’s campers is the overnight summer sleepaway camp onboard their marine research vessel, which explores the various coves of Santa Catalina Island for a full week! Living onboard an actual US Coast Guard certified research vessel while touring Catalina offers youth the chance to experience the marine environment in all it’s splendor and beauty, sparking a lifelong love and appreciation for the ocean and marine biology.

13659051_1062928500450843_8382838857298042155_nDuring their overnight summer sleepaway camp students enjoy such activities as snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, swimming in breathtakingly beautiful island coves, hiking, exploring remote beaches, surfing, camping under the stars and lots more! During this time each camper conducts actual hands-on field science research activities, learns how to keep a field journal as well as how to implement the scientific method towards developing their own hypothesis and theories.

Summer Camp Educational Activities

Before each activity, students are given a brief lecture introducing them to the habitats they are about to go explore and experience. This pre-activity lecture is short but provides students with a wealth of information that allows them to enjoy the activity so much more when they see the various animals they just learned about.

Seeing a cormorant in the wild is a lot more interesting after learning that they can dive down nearly two hundred feet to search for fish. Seeing a brown pelican soar by is always more fun after learning they were nearly extinct only thirty years ago. Seeing a Sheepshead fish while snorkeling is a lot more exciting when you know this fish can change genders from female to male after reaching a certain age. These are just a few examples of how the lecture phase of each activity enriches each campers experience.

Other summer camp educational activities include squid dissections, plankton trawls, observing plankton under microscopes, tide pool explorations, visiting marine bird estuaries and nesting grounds, and more.

Summer Camp Builds Confidence and Self Esteem

10522448_682630775147286_5213538904043867819_nOne of the greatest advantages of sending your child to summer camp is how it builds confidence and self esteem as they step out of their comfort zones, prove to themselves they can break their fears and accomplish great things, and make valuable friendships that last years and even decades.

The central core theme at MSA is ‘break your fears’! Counselors are constantly modeling and structuring the opportunity for youth to develop the courage to push themselves past their own self imposed limitations and inhibitions. By the end of the week each camper has built up so much confidence, their self image is renewed and their belief in themselves empower them to know they can achieve greatness in any area of their life.

Summer Camp Teaches Social Skills

In modern times many people have lost the ability to communicate with each other and make new friends. Kids are constantly distracted from the outer world by their smart phones and tablets, which create an artificial world where interpersonal communications are stifled and people have forgotten how to interact with each other.

Even just a week at camp can do wonders for improving each child’s social skills and ability to make new friends and enjoy each others company. Campers are taught how to work together as a team, encourage each other to break their fears, and enjoy the best summer of their lives together.


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