Why Bringing Your Students To Camp On Catalina Island Will Change Their Life

Bringing your students to camp on Catalina Island is bound to enrich their lives (not only academically, but personally, as well). Coming to camp on Catalina places each student outside of their comfort zone, where they have to try new things and explore untapped potential, talent and interests.

Camp is a safe place where each child can learn and grow freely, without the pressures of needing to perform and compare their results to their peers. This leads to the opportunity for profound self development and breakthrough, as students see there is more to life than what they have been shown in their home towns, and that they can achieve anything they set their minds on.

A New Perspective On What is Possible For Them

Coming to science camp on Catalina Island gives each student the chance to see that there are endless opportunities and directions they can take their lives. Activites such as snorkeling and kayaking, which place students completely outside of anything they have ever experienced before, proves to themselves that they are capable of greatness, and truly can be what ever they set out to be.

This kind of experience can be enough to spark hope in the heart of a child whom may not have much else going for them, but who can now hold onto a dream and begin working towards achieving it.

The Opportunity To Develop Themselves Academically

Outdoor education shows students that learning is not only fun, but can be one of the most exciting parts of their lives if they approach it right. Learning enriches such activities as snorkeling, hiking and kayaking; having a chance to learn about the animals you will encounter in the activity gives the students the opportunity to get more interested in seeing the actual animal in the wild. When they do see the animal during the activity, they are infinitely more excited because of the facts they have learned about it during the lecture.

Before long, students are seeing themselves becoming marine biologists, or pursuing other higher education goals because of how much fun they have seen learning can be.

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